Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March is one of my favorite months. March 1 I met my husband on a blind date. It was the month of love for us. March is also my birthday month. I was born on my dads birthday of all days, which is super fun for both of us to celebrate together when we can. March symbolizes a new fresh, fun feeling because it reminds me of falling in love and turning one year older.

This year for my March goals I will be focusing on two things:

1. Mind Goals:
Like reading a book or organizing one thing in my home, I wanted to pick a goal that would better me as a person. Something I could work on that would benefit myself and others. This month I am choosing to journal every day something for my kids. I love using PROMPT JOURNALS especially because it breaks each milestone down perfectly. I also love using CHATBOOKS and SHUTTERFLY to make family scrapbooks and easy journals for me to create and remember. They are digital which makes it super easy because I can do most of it from my phone. Ever since I had my three babies in the last year, I have gotten so far behind on my kids journals and family books that I am committed to getting back on track and catching up so that each month I can just do little bits instead of huge chunks every day.
I start by getting all my pictures organized. I do this on my phone in albums by kid. This makes it easy when uploading all my pictures.
I also add things to my notes in my phone weekly about each child so when I do create my books I have all the info.
I can’t wait to catch up on kids and family books this month!

2. Body Goals:
Besides the basic eating clean, drinking more water and working out, I am focusing especially on taking supplements and vitamins this month. I used to also be really good at this and somehow I fell off the bandwagon once my twins were born. I can’t wait to share my favorite supplements and vitamins and can’t wait to hear your favs you take as well!

Follow along on my IG STORY to hear all my favs and how I plan on accomplishing these goals!
Are you good at taking vitamins and updating your kids history? Share your tips! Love you all!


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