Saturday, March 24, 2018

This post is long overdue. I wanted to wait to write this and see what items I actually used and what items were just wasted or unncessary.
When I found out I was having twins I researched and asked every twin mama I knew, even strangers I’d see in passing, “What do I need for twins?”
Each twin mom had about the same list and that’s when I knew what items to get and try.
One of my biggest tips I can give, especially to a new mother is when it comes to baby shopping, Splurge on certain items you know you can use again and again and save on items that aren’t timeless or know will get trashed.

Here are some tips on items to splurge on and items to save your money on:

SPLURGE ON: (the items you use every single day or that you will have for other kids to come)
-Diaper bag.
When it comes to a bag, I love one with lots of pockets, can transition into a tote, backpack or shoulder bag when needed, can be wiped easily and obviously is beautiful. I love THIS DIAPER BAG, and THESE diaper bags

-Stroller. I purchased THIS ONE when I had my second baby so I’ve had it for about 5 years now and I’m so glad I kept it for when the twins came. It’s been the most amazing stroller I’ve ever had. The seats move in lots of different positions, it’s lightweight and easy to get in and out of your car and all the storage makes me a happy mama!
 If you are looking for just a single stroller that is AMAZING and perfect for jogging or going in the sand or outdoors, here is ANOTHER GOOD ONE. We’ve had this one for years as well and it’s the best single stroller out there!

-Crib. I can’t say enough about my baby cribs. When I was having my first baby I wanted a crib that all my babies could use. I ordered a BRATT CRIB and loved it because it could transition to a canopy for a girl or a regular crib for a boy. It went from black to grey when I chalkpainted it five years later using THIS PAINT when I found out I was having my son. I’ve loved how traditional it’s been and I hope to keep this crib when I’m a grandma as an heirloom for my grand babies.
When I found out I was having twins, I wanted two cribs that were inexpensive since I had to purchase two but yet still had wanted them to be worthy in my little babies room. When I found this one from Jenny Lind, I bought them. They were so easy to set up, loved the vintage look and how they came on wheels.

-Baby Carrier. I can’t live without THIS baby wrap

SAVE ON: (items that are easy to come by, will get gross after awhile, rarely used items)
-Highchairs. I love my  IKEA HIGHCHAIR and even spray painted the legs gold to make it look more chic and match my kitchen. I love this highchair and it’s only $15

-I also love this BUMBO to help my babies eat solids around 4 months and on until they can sit up by themselves.

-Car seats. I’ve never gotten anything too fancy when it comes to car seats. I’d rather invest in a more experience toddler car seat than newborn for many reasons and feel like the newborn car seats expire and are all about the same. We always get this brand for my BABIES and this one for TODDLERS.

-Baby swings. Some babies don’t like certain movements and swings get outgrown way too quickly. I’ve had the nice of the nice and the ones borrowed from a friend and didn’t see a big difference in my quality of life or the babies.



My Brest Friend: One of my favorite nurses at the hospital while delivering the twins brought this from her home for me. She was so sweet and let me tell you, this changed my life when it came to nursing twins. I’m not kidding- if you are even thinking about nursing two babies at once- this pillow is the way to go. I couldn’t imagine those first four months without it. They outgrew this pillow at four months but def worth it. It’s washable too and I tell all my twin mamas about this.

Twin z pillow
My second favorite item is this pillow. I love My Brest friend the best but this is a good option if you are looking for a two for one: nursing and baby pillow. This is great for nursing or even just a comfy spot for your babies to lay. They are 6 months and I have used this pillow every single day. I got the pink cover and I love it.

What are your favorite twin items or baby essentials! Anything to make life with twins easier is what I'm all about so share your favorite baby items too!


Can you remind me of the name of your favorite teething gel?


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