Monday, February 5, 2018

We’ve all been the victim of dry, chapped and flakey lips. It’s not a pretty picture. For as long as I can remember I’ve been using Aquaphore on my lips at night. It did the job but never actually healed the flakey dead skin and so my lips suffered the next morning. I can now say I’ve been one year, dead lip skin free and you can be too! 😂

When it comes to healthy lips, I love using THIS EXOLFIATOR LIP SCRUB
HOW TO USE: apply with water and scrub your lips using this product for about one minute. Then rinse with warm water and wahhh laaahh- beautiful, healthy, flakey free lips! I use this about once a week or as needed just to exfoliate all the dead skin and have a pretty pink natural looking lip. Oh and did I mention it’s only $3! Another helpful alternative is a little brown sugar and water.

Another must have that I swear by is THIS LIP MASK. I’ve had all my friends and family use it because it seriously HEALS your lips. You wake up and your lips are soft and feel so smooth and healthy. I love it so much I have one in my car, purse and makeup bag! I use this now instead of regular chapstick. It’s amazing and I know you will love it too if you struggle with dry winter lips like I did. I promise you, it’s a game changer!!! 

I’ve also listed some of my favorite beauty lipsticks I love and wear often:
THIS LIPSTICK: In the color Cream Cup, Up the Amp, Brave, Angel AND THIS in Tiramisu
Check out my favorite plum lipstick colors in my earlier blog post.

A fun secret I love to do is wearing lip liners as my lipstick. I love the color Mac in Soar and mix it with other fun liners and blend. I love the matte look and will even throw some gloss on (see above) over the top!

I love to keep these posts short and sweet so thanks for reading!
What are your favorite lip products?


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