Thursday, January 4, 2018

I love a fresh start and something about Jan 1 does that for me. I love keeping things simple but also setting a clear and measurable goal. The past couple years have been solely focused on growing my family, which meant a lot of other things that I used to put at the top of my list, went straight to the bottom. For instance- My health and my ME time especially. I stopped working out and running, which was a part of my daily rituals and I let other habits take over. I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t focus on my health, which is ironic because I was growing two babies! The best way I can say it is I’ve been in survival mode for the past year and a half and I’m now ready to be in THRIVE mode.

While still putting my family at the very top of the list, I’ve challenged myself to push myself harder than I ever have, even with 5 kids under 6. #noexcuses

I’ve simplified my goals into each month to make it easier for me to attain and trackable. Once they are a habit within those 31 ish days, I will continue the previous ones and strive for the next new ones. (Adding my feb goals next month)  I’ve also catogorized mine into my health and my mind. One goal for each, each month. I’ve done this for the last few years and it works!


Goal #1: MIND
-One book a month for the year.
To some this may sound like a piece of cake, but for me, this will be a stretch. At this stage of my life I will most likely be listening to one on audible. I love learning and growing and bettering myself so non fiction books about real people, events or inspiring topics are my favorite. I keep hearing amazing things about these books and will probably narrow it down within the week which one I will be starting with so I can get started but here are the top 6 books and ones I will have on my list for the year so far:

The Nightingale (this book has over 35,000 reviews so even though it is a novel and fiction, I will read it!)
Big Magic (how to be creative despite your fears)
You are a badass (stop doubting your greatness so you can live your potential)
Mindset (a book on fulfillment and success)
What I know for sure- Oprah (all of Oprah’s tips and tricks)
Simplicity parenting (top rated parenting book)

Goal #2: HEALTH
-Drink a Gallon of water a day.
 I am normally a fish. I love water. You bring me a water bottle and I know you love me haha but seriously..  I wasn’t this way when I was pregnant though and needed soda or juice at every swig. I am finally cutting these unhealthy habits and will be drinking water from here on out.
Water is so good for you and I always feel and see a difference in my body when I drink enough. Some say drink half your weight in oz but I am drinking a gallon. 128 oz. I swear 68 oz or 8 glasses of water isn’t enough these days. My body craves it, especially now that I’m working out and still nursing. I swear by this water bottle! I used to not get the hype but now that I have one, I’m hooked and swear it’s a huge reason why I drink so much water. It’s always cold and stays that way all day, the straw is amazing and it’s pretty so there ya go! Seriously, you really need one or any water bottle that you will use again and again that you love. This one is a staple and a must have for me!

I love categorizing goals into mind and health. I feel like mindset goals sometimes get overlooked when it’s one of the most important goals we should be setting for ourselves. Reading, positivity, gratitude, prayers.. whatever it is. Set a mindset goal and a health goal for yourself!  I have so many good ideas for the year and hope you will follow along and join me!
I also love hearing about others goals because I find it motivates me even more so I wanted to share and hopefully hear yours as well.
I can’t wait to share next months goals so stay tuned!



I love that you are breaking it down by months. I think we set all these goals and come January 31 many give up. This is a great idea. I have always set goals and pretty good about accomplishing them but some I just keep restarting but I love this idea. Makes it more reachable🤗❤


Thanks so much for your comment! I totally agree! It’s way more reachable and then the January goals are already habits by the time you start the feb ones! 😘


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