Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Eyelash Strip Tips & Tricks 
(for the everyday girl) 

I get asked almost daily what I wear on my eyes to make them look big and full. It’s all in the makeup and products, and lashes lashes lashes! I promise you, you will love all these products and tips because whenever I do my girlfriends eye make up or lashes, they always love them and look amazing. What’s the best is that you can go as natural or dramatic as you want with the lashes you choose. A teenager going to prom or a gramma going to a family party, anyone can pull these off.. well, you know what I mean! 😉

I recently did a live tutorial on applying eyelash strips and so I thought I’d share some step by steps for you as well just in case you missed it. 

Step One: First starting out with a clean eye. I use this makeup remover to remove any makeup from the night before or eyelash glue and it works amazing to get everything off.

Step Two: Apply your eyeshadow if needed and then your favorite eyeliner. It’s important that you add your top lid eyeliner first to make sure your lashes look natural and blended. Blending is the key. No one wants to see your lashes coming off or see any glue.. ew! Haha The eyeliner helps camouflage any mistakes as well. Eyelashes are all about the subtle detail. My favorite all time liquid liner is Kat Von D Tattoo Liner because it doesn’t smudge AT ALL and it lasts all day. I’ve tried every liquid liner out there and this one works wonders. I have yet to find a better one! 

Step Three: After liquid eyeliner is placed, next I tight-line. Tight-line you ask? Oh girl, this is a game changer! Tight lining is where you line your upper inside lid with your pencil liner to create a bigger eye and a blended finish. I use the 24 hr Pencil and it also doesn’t smudge. I use the blackest black as well. Tight lining may sound intimidating at first but practice makes perfect. Just lift your eyelid with one finger and then with your other hand, line the whole top water line. You can instantly tell a huge difference. 

Step Four: Curl your lashes and then add your favorite mascara. I hate spending money on mascara because I love strips so much but the best drugstore mascara I’ve used is by far this Mascara. Everyone asks why you have to do this even when adding eyelash strips. This is because you want your natural lashes to blend and be as curly as your strips. You also don’t want blonde or lighter eyelashes to show through with your strips on! Also, it’s a big no no to curl your lashes after you add mascara either. But hey, I ain’t your mama! 😉

Step Five: Remove your favorite lashes from its container at the end of the strip using tweezers. This will make sure you don’t rip or break them. Also make sure that you have the right eyelash for the eye you are wanting to do first. If your lashes are too long, simply trim the end at the vein of the lash. 

Step Six: You are ready for the glue, which is usually everyone’s scariest part. It’s not scary if you do it right and have the best glue. My favorite all time eye lash glue is Duo Strip Eyelash Adhesive. Just trust me on this one! It’s a drugstore find and this glue is the game changer. I love the dark tinted one because I feel like it blends the best with my strips. When applying the glue, I squeeze out a little onto my bottle and then with that excess glue, I lightly brush my lash strip with little to almost no glue. Less is best in this case. Cover the base of the lash but don’t get crazy! Let air dry for about 15 sec so that the glue is nice and tacky. I wave mine in the air or blow on it. This helps the fake lash stick so much better and this is a tip everyone skips! 

Step Seven: Starting from the inner corner, place eyelash here first holding at the end (or longest area) Once the inner is on lightly, place the end of your lash on. Once you know it’s it the right place (tug and move around now if you need to) then gently press down at the base of the lash onto your natural lashes. It should be a little bit sticky while your pressing down and getting as close to your natural lashes as possible. Just keep pushing your falsie back and onto the base of your natural lashes. You want the base of the false lash and your natural lash to be touching and as close you your eyelid as possible. 

Step Eight: Once glue is dry and lashes are on, add your liquid eyeliner over the top of the lash line to hide any glue and base strip. This also blends everything together as well. I also will add any dark eyeshadow with it to make everything look blended and pretty. 

Boom! You are ready and looking amazing! You already did, it’s just that once you have lashes, it just ups your makeup game. Everyone will wonder or ask what is different about you and it will enhance your eyes as well! You will soon be hooked! 

I’d love to see or hear about your transformation! 
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