Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Nothing is more fun than decorating a little girls room, only this time it was double the fun with two identical twin girls to plan for. I knew I wanted their nursery to be sophisticated but still playful and pretty. I’ve loved the water color trend lately and wanted this theme in their room along with every shade of pink (blush, peach, coral, rose etc) imaginable. I wanted a room that could easily transition into a big girl room for them in the future and wanted to enjoy a cozy space that was calm and beautiful. I can’t wait to share with you their space that was so fun for me to create. 

Urban Wall has the prettiest wallpaper and I especially loved the water color polka dot decals because it has every color of pink and can be added or removed so easily. THESE are the exact ones I used for their room. These wallpaper decals literally took me 20 minutes to adhere to the nursery wall, just like a sticker, and I loved how it turned out. It was so so easy and made such a beautiful difference. I didn’t plan out the polka dots, just added them sporadically where I thought one was needed. We used about 2 sheets (about 100 decals) and love that I can take these off and reuse in our next home if we choose to. 

After I did the wallpaper and had my color scheme, It was time to focus on the large furniture and placement. I knew I wanted the cribs on the focal wall obviously so I needed the bedding to be white and clean looking. I wanted the color to be in the wall, decor and pillows. I have always loved THESE CRIBS because they are super affordable and vintage looking. I about died when I saw these and the price was unbeatable, especially for two. 
Above the cribs I added THESE CANOPIES for extra detail. I added the white pom pom ribbon that I found from hobby lobby in the fabric section and hot glued them myself for extra wow factor and I love how they turned out. 

A pretty rug makes all the difference. THIS RUG is my all time favorite because it made the room go from drab to fab and so stunning almost immediately. This is probably one of my favorite things in their nursery because it really did make the room. I purchased the 9x12 because I wanted it to fill the entire space. I believe a large rug can make any space look larger, which is what I needed since I was having two cribs and two babies inside this space. I also love how I can easily transition this rug from nursery to big girl room and how the soft colors add perfectly to their cozy nursery. 

I can’t wait to share their bedding from CAROUSEL DESIGNS. They have the prettiest, affordable bedding and I love the quality of their items. Since I was having twins, I heard this company made personalized crib sheets with their individual names on them in whatever font and font color I wanted. I also got to choose the pattern of blush water color polka dots. It was a match made in heaven. It was so easy and so much fun!

Luckily we were set on our twin girls names early enough and so once I submitted my crib sheets on their website, their names felt more real and solidified. It was a done deal! 

I am also a huge fan of Carousel Designs bumpers, bedding and dust ruffles because they are crisp and seriously such amazing quality. I can’t say enough great things about this baby bedding company. Their costumer service was outstanding as well. 

After the walls and beds were done, it was time to decorate and organize. My absolute favorite part. I wanted a little bookshelf for story time in their near future and a pretty focal wall when you walked into the nursery. 
I chose THESE BOOKS not only because the front cover matched the nursery's color palette but because the inside stories are just as amazing as the outside front cover. I love things that are beautiful and useful. 
I also got these gorgeous watercolor ultrasound pictures from BabyBluePrint and framed them. I love how sentimental and unique this was, especially for being a nursery. I added them to THEIR BOOKSHELF and spray painted the hardware gold. 
I used THIS FUR BENCH and added these pillows (FUR, CROWN, TASSELS) for extra coziness. I also love THIS FLAMINGO, which added to the playful look and color palate of the nursery. I’m a sucker for pretty pillows. 

I also wanted a space for memorabilia so I used THIS BULLETIN BOARD and added pretty pennants, ultrasound pics, newborn photos and a personalized B craft I made using all the materials from CLOSETOMYHEART. I love how it turned out. Londyn and Sawyer are already wanting to draw pictures for the twins and hang them on their board.

Other than the twins cribs, the only large item I have in their nursery is this DRESSER. It holds so much clothing and I changed the boring knobs it came with to knobs that were more chic and unique. I found these at Home Depot and spray painted them gold as well. I also love the space I have with 8 drawers and the space on top for pretty purposeful things. (I’ve never purchased a changing table because I didn’t care for the look and I didn’t find it useful because I always just changed my babies on my bed or other places. Plus, I love the clean look and extra space I have without)

A question I get a lot is how I organize my twins hair bows because, with two babies, it can be a lot. I use THESE BOW HOLDERS and it holds just enough. Holiday or other color bows I don’t use as often go in a basket in their closet so they aren’t taking up space. I love how their hair bows serve as both beautiful and useful. 

Above their dresser, I always wanted it clean and simple. I found THIS MIRROR and it goes perfectly over the dresser. I love that it was gold to match my accents, great quality and had the pretty circle detail hook on top, like other expensive ones I had found but for under $100. 

The finish off their room, I found THIS CHANDELIER and absolutely love the beads and lightbulb glow, which gives the nursery such a cozy feel.
To make bentley and blakely's room even more functional, I used THIS BASKET and throw all their blankets and swaddles inside. for extra seating, I found these blush stools at hobby lobby (get a similar one HERE) and I love this BLUSH POUF which adds for extra seating.

I’m so happy to have a pretty space for such sweet baby girls. Their room is now my favorite in the house and brings me so much joy. We all gather in their to play and sing to our babies. I still can’t believe they are here and using this nursery that was made just for them!

Thank you to Carousel Designs, Jenny Lind and Lulu and Georgia for sponsoring this room. 

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It looks so great!! Love how it turned out!! So beautiful and girly!
-Megan Anthony


Oh thanks so much for your sweet comment. Means so much! I love walking into their nursery! 😘


I thought yours were ikea shelves. I prefer the ikea over the ones you linked. Which ikea shelves and brackets are they please?? In IG you said they were from ikea. Also what gold spray paint did you use. Don’t see that anywhere in your blog. Thanks so much!!!


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