Sunday, January 7, 2018

When it comes to chaos- I am queen. 👑 However, there are 6 non negotiables I do every day that keep my sanity, help my home run smoother and make me a better mama 💗

1. I always go to bed with a clean kitchen (if you’ve been here awhile, you know this is a must) Every morning you are starting the day fresh and it makes it easier to feel like you are ahead of the game. I’m excited about making a healthy breakfast because I don’t have a mess on the counter. I don’t have to worry about picking up old messes on top of new messes. 

2. I choose one 1/2 day or more a week of no screen /phone time and focus solely on my kids, our goals and the day to get things done without any distractions or notifications. (This is one of my fav days bc it helps me be totally present) I highly recommend this.

3. I get myself ready everyday. Some days are better than others 😂🙈 but the days I don’t, I notice I don't get anything done and feel lazier. Plus why are the days you don’t get ready the same days you run into people?😂

4. I try to organize at least one thing a week. Pantry, kids closet, a junk drawer.. no task is too small when it comes to an organized area in my home. Having a spot for everything in your home makes all the difference. If you notice one area is harder in your house to keep clean, it’s most likely because there isn’t a ‘home’ for the messy items. Look around, use what you have and start small. “When you start, if it looks messier before it looks better, you’re doing it right”. -my mom

5. We sing the clean up song before bedtime. Almost every night we set the timer for 10 minutes. Everyone in the family helps put things away. We crank the music and race around to be done in time. If we finish in time (we always do 😉) we bust out the goodies and let my older girls have a few extra minutes before bed. It’s a win win!

6. I have a strict night time routine for myself once kids are in bed. This is a must. I allow myself an hour to unwind. I shower, do all my nightly girly things, journal or read, go over my calendar and do the things I need to be ready for the next day. (Pack diaper bag, pack lunches, write my to dos etc)

These 6 non negotiables are what keep me thriving instead of just surviving and keep me somewhat sane. 😉 What are your MUST DO’s every day that help run your day more smooth? I’d love to hear!


I love this!!! Such good tips!!!


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