Thursday, June 22, 2017

I am one of those crazy women who absolutely LOVE labor and delivery. I get so excited. I soak it all in and enjoy the entire experience.. from the IV in my veins to the hospital food afterwards..haha i love it all. Here is my unedited hospital story I wrote while inside the hospital so i can always remember such a special day, the day my little girls were born. 

Only one more week until we meet the girls! Dr H is taking me June 22 which is only one week away! Part of me wants this week to last forever because i know I'll miss being pregnant and the other part of me is too excited and wants to meet them today! Haha I think June 22 is such a pretty birthday so I'm excited. Daddy can hardly stand to wait.. he wants me to walk and get them here like yesterday. We are all so excited. The girls pray everyday that the girls are healthy and come soon! Now I'm just nesting and getting everything ready. We went to the pool yesterday and had the funnest day as a family and we are going 'camping' aka making smores up the mountain tonight. I can only imagine how much more fun it will be soon.. in a different way haha 

The TWINS Arrival...

On June 22 2017 our newest additions were on their way.. At 6:30 am we were scheduled for induction and arrived at the hospital to be induced with our twin girls at 36 weeks and one day, because they were in the same placenta. Dr said it's healthier for them to be out of the womb than inside. Before getting checked in and hooked up to all the monitors Parker took a picture of my pregnant belly and we admired it one last and final time. I measured 45 inches around! Parker guessed 9:00 am I'd have them and the rest of said 1:00 because I usually have 6-8 hour labors. An hour later after getting the pitocin and epidural, I remember feeling those last baby kicks because I knew before long, the epidural would kick in. I soaked in those last little kicks and jabs. Shortly after, the Dr broke my water and said I was dialted to a 7.. shortly after I was an 8 and then quickly an 8 1/2.. I was coming faster than nurses and I expected. I quickly called my mom who was helping my dad tend our kids and she came right away and just in time to see me wheeled off to the OR room next door. I had to go into the OR just in case i needed an emergency C section. Just two in a half hours later from arriving at the hospital, Parker was getting suited up all in white and they gave me a sexy blue hair cap to wear. haha At 9:00 the Dr checked me again and said, you are ready to push! ( Daddy was right) Emotions flooded my body for the beautiful angels and experience I was about to witness, most likely for the last time. I always get emotional right before pushing because I am about to meet two babies that will end up being the absolute loves of my life. Its such a surreal moment and one of my favorites about labor. 

While being pushed to the OR, I could feel that baby A was ready to come. Once in the OR, Dr H waiting for a contraction and I pushed twice and Baby A came out. As soon as I saw her, I felt so connected. She was perfect and soooo tiny! They let me hold her on my chest and then took her to her bed to clean her up, record her measurements and let me get ready to push Baby B out. The nurse kept saying "oh baby A is sassy!" Haha I remember looking at my belly and saying, how is there another one in there!? My belly looked lopsided and flat on my right and a bump on my left. It was so cool! Just then, Dr H said that B had flipped breach while delivering baby A. He reached up to maneuver her little body and when he tried her little feet would jerk back like she was ticklish he said. Dr H and Dr J both pushed on my tummy and finally got her to be head down. We waited for a contraction and then he told me to push. I pushed as hard as I could for about 15 pushes. He looked at her heart rate on the monitor and it was dropping to 80 so he looked at me and said, "Brittney- we have to get this baby out now. I need you to push as hard and as long as you can." Parker said, "if he's saying that (being the ultra chill Dr that he is) he must really really mean that times 1000." I knew he was serious and I didn't want my baby to be under stress any longer or have any possible health concerns so I went to a place in my head and blanked out. I could hear parker, a nurse and the Dr counting to ten and saying Come On Brittney, Push. You can do this! Keep going! Don't stop! I felt all the emotions and enjoyed the challenge. I pushed about 4 more times and she was finally here! Baby B was healthy and beautiful as well. I felt so thankful she was here and felt so connected to her as well. I remember thinking how teeny tiny they both were! Immediately the nurses brought baby A back over and laid her on me. I felt like I could barely breathe from pushing but holding that sweet baby in my arms was so euphoric. I just pushed 2 babies out! The dr showed me the one placenta and confirmed they were identical. Baby B was laid on me shortly after and I was holding both beautiful baby girls that were inside me in my arms for the first time. It was such an incredible experience and I am so thankful for the chance to harbor, nourish and deliver TWINS. 

Baby A: Bentley Paige Winder 
Thursday June 22, 2017 9:18 5 lbs 12 oz 17 in long 
Baby B: Blakely Sage Winder 
Thursday June 22, 2017 9:33 5 lbs 6 oz 17 in long 

We picked those names and liked how Bentley sounded first and Blakely next and when we both saw them, it was confirmed that those names were made for that baby girl. Parker loved the name Bentley and the name Sage and I loved the name Blakely and Paige and so we thought to mix them up so we both loved the names and so that it had a little piece of mommy and daddy and a masculine and feminine match. It was funny to us how the middle names rhymed randomly and thought it was cute so we kept it. I love their names and cant wait to call them that instead of baby A and baby B.

I remember right when they came out, just holding them both skin to skin and just looking at the tops of their bald heads and kissing them. Finally looking at them when daddy was holding them, we noticed that Bentley was pinker and fuller faced while Blakely was more pale skinned and slightly smaller. They are perfect and didnt need the nicu. Both babies have already nursed so well and have been so perfect. Today they held hands and touched each other while they were sleeping in my arms 
The second day in the hospital, I felt more confident telling them apart while being alone with them and studying their pretty faces and unique features. They got their shots and had to pass the carseat test, since they are under 37 weeks. 

How grateful I am for wonderful nurses and Drs who went above and beyond to care for me and my sweet babies. Nurses were loving these two like their own. Another nurse said Bentley is an instigator bc she does things first. Blakely is a snuggler and is always wanting to be on Bentley, even in the womb and on ultrasounds she was like that. 

Londyn and Sawyer came to visit a few hours after delivery and were soooo sweet with them, singing to them and saying how this was better than Christmas and Disneyland. Londyn held Bentley and Sawyer held Blakely almost the entire time and we kept calling them baby hogs. 

Bode kept pointing at them and smiling and making his zoolander face saying ohhh ohhh ohhh and wanting to sit in the middle of all his sisters. It was such a sweet unforgettable event watching your children meet their siblings for the first time.

My parents have been so helpful, taking the kids to the park, parade, Playplace's, shakes and loading them up on sugar and attention. 

I love my family and feel so incredibly thankful for my babies safe and healthy bodies. I am blown away at how incredible my body is for working so hard to bring life to these little angels. What a gift my body is. While in the hospital, I'm enjoying all the unmentioned side effects of labor and soaking every memory in, because it's most likely my last. 

Thankful to everyone who has reached out and messaged our family about the twins arrival and I'm so excited to bring them home!

One day later, It has been so amazing being home with all my kids and we are enjoying the wild ride yet calming experience that only these few short days has brought with our little twins in our home. Nothing is sweeter than smelling their baby breath and snuggling and studying their soft skin and pretty little features. I'm one happy mama. Life is good.

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