Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Is it just me or is Thanksgiving a holiday that seems to get shoved to the side sometimes? Not intentionally of course, but with this holiday sandwiched in between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving decor always seems to get overlooked somehow.

But this year is going to be different. 

Festive and easy decor ideas will help bring the spirit of thanksgiving to your home & will remind you to feel more grateful this season.

Here is a two part series of some simple,  unique and traditional ways to spruce and glam up your home this Thanksgiving season. 

Part One

First, let's start off with some fun and easy ideas for the 'kid's' table.
Have you graduated from the kids table yet? Well, I haven't. With two little girls, I find myself there unintentionally every year. So this year, I wanted to make the 'kids' table just as special as the 'adult' table, because let's face it.. That's where most of us adults will end up. 

To create a magical table setting you can easily gather items from around your home:
•Add butcher paper to any small table. The kids can color on it and this also makes for an easy clean up. 
•Popcorn seeds on the table is an old tradition where kids say 3 things they are grateful for around the table (or make 3 wishes) 
•Place an old wooden crate, bucket or basket with crayons or other fun things to keep them occupied (color their 'hand turkeys' on butcher paper or find seasonal color books)
•While the turkey is in the oven, have your kids collect pinecones, leaves and branches outside for easy decor as well. Glam them up by spray painting old pumpkins (from halloween) or pinecones and add some gold glitter to your outdoor leaves.
•Add festive desserts for the kids table with these Turkey Pops. Kids love these practical treats and these serve as cute decor for the table or an activity for the kids to do as well. 
All you need is: 
-chocolate chips (melted)
-wooden craft stick
-candy whoppers (for the head)
-candy corn (for the feathers- I found these starburst candy corns for a more different look) 
To make:
Simply, slide the wooden stick in between the Oreo filling and dip Oreo in melted chocolate chip bowl. Place the cookie stick on wax paper and add the candy whopper on top of the cookie for the turkey head and add the upside down candy corn in between the two cookies for the feathers. Place in fridge or freezer until the chocolate turkey pops have hardened. Find a cute jar and add styrofoam in the bottom to keep the wooden sticks standing up right. 
For a more experienced baker, edible eyeballs and beaks can be easily created as well. 
What's a Thanksgiving dinner without a feather head dress, right? I find kids get so excited when they get to have a costume change. So these are perfect to keep them entertained. This also added a bit more color which looked more kid friendly than your basic Browns, reds and oranges. You can have the kids pick out their feathers and design their own feather headband before dinner as well. 
You will need:
-hot glue gun
-12x12 paper (I used glitter paper)
-feathers (white and neutral colors are pretty too)
To make:
-Cut the width of the paper as desired and glue gun the edges to fit. (I had to use two strips and glue them together) 
- Add hot glue to the feathers on the inside of the band and add felt to cover up the feather ends, to prevent irritating your kids forhead. 
Place this feather hat on their heads and now we have a party! 
This Thankful Banner makes a statement and can be used year after year. I wanted to do something different instead of the typical browns and oranges so of course, I chose golds and creams. Did I mention this banner is under $10 to make? 
You will need: 
-1 yard ivory burlap $3.99
-Wood chip letters $1.99 (with half off coupon)
-Gold glitter
-Old bookpages (found book at Goodwill- find the book with more yellow tinted pages to give it that vintage feel) 
-Hot glue gun (my best friend lately)
To make:
-Paint wood chip letters gold and then sprinkle gold glitter ontop of each letter. Let dry. (No need for glue- the wet paint holds the glitter perfectly)
-Cut out burlap pennants with two points (I did this free hand but I do know craft stores sell burlap already cut in this shape)
-Cut out 1 1/2" strips from book pages and glue strips together. I used about 3 bookpage strips per letter. Accordion fold the strips and hot glue gun inside the circle and on the two edges so it makes a circle shape. (See prev Halloween post for more detailed instructions on this step)  
-Once letters are dry, glue letter to bookpage and glue the bookpage circle to the burlap pennant. 
-Attach to twine with hot glue or gold wire poked through burlap. 
To create the super easy Feather Banner You will need: 
To make: 
-Dip each white feather less than half way in the gold paint jar
Sprinkle with gold glitter and lay to dry
-Attach to twine by wrapping the feather stem with the gold wire around a couple times and leaving the end in an 's hook' shape to hang on the twine (like a Christmas ornament)

With a chic fun table like this, adults will now be fighting for a seat at the 'Kids' table this Thanksgiving. 

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