Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Part 2:

It's always nice to cut yourself some slack by using what you already have around your home to form a truly magical and whimsical setting for your family and friends around Thanksgiving time. 

Here are some ideas to help you decorate your own Thanksgiving display or Thanksgiving dessert table this season. 
Here are some tips and tricks of things you can easily make or use around your home: 
• A chalkboard is a fun way to show off your fall or Thankgiving banners and always makes for a prettier display. (See previous post for banner instructions) 
• Gather those orange pumpkins from halloween and easily spray paint white and tape off the stem and add gold glitter. 
• Take any old crate and white wash it to give it that softer look (I've been avoiding browns and oranges, can you tell?) 
-Take paint and water it down (1/2 or 3/4) and messily paint over crate. I sanded some areas to make it look more aged and not so perfect. I also added this easy pom pom banner to it (fancy ribbon just tied in knots) Here is the after picture:
These fun yarn pom poms make for cute little extra on skewers with fun treats like these fall macaroons. 
•Paint flower vases or glass for straws gold on the bottom using metallic gold paint. Tape it off for a cleaner look. 

• Make a cake or pie topper by using just craft paper and glue. 
-Free hand cut the paper into long rectangle flags. Add stickers to relay a message or just leave it plain. I added bookpages and gold to have it flow with my banners. 
•The Thankful Tree is a DIY tree, aka branch, that promotes gratitude as thankfulness the whole family can attribute to. Each day, a member of the family (or everyone) writes down one thing they are grateful for on a leaf and hangs it on the tree. This tradition helps the spirit of Thanksgiving everyday of November and is a pretty decor piece as well. 
You will need: 
old book pages (I found mine at the Goodwill) 
- gold wire 
-pencil and scissors for tracing and cutting out the paper leaves
-branch from your own backyard 
-a pretty vase to put it in (I again used styrofoam to keep my branch in place in my jar) 
-Here is the leaf template I used. (You can trace this onto white paper from your iPad or computer and then copy that to your bookpage) 
-Trace template leaf onto bookpages. Cut out around 30-40 leaves (I stacked book pages together and cut out multiple leaves at a time) 
-Hang your paper leaf with crafting wire. It easily pokes in, curl it and let it hang like an ornament
Place it on your kitchen island, buffet table or use it as a centerpiece. 
My last and final tip for Thanksgiving decor is use pretty desserts. Spare yourself the headache of slaving away in the kitchen all day on sweet treats & run down to your local bakery or sweet shoppe to gather dessert items so you can create memories instead of mayhem. 

To add a little extra, you can easily make gold flags with toothpicks for cookies or cupcakes or use on drink straws. 

Throw white pumpkin or popcorn seeds in a cute jar wrapped with twine or leave bare.
'THANK YOU' for reading & hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! 


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