Friday, October 31, 2014

Spooky Ooky the Spider happened on total accident. 
It all began on a dark and scary night far far away.. Haha - Kidding.. But really though..

During the spirit of Halloween, I may have surprised my sweet little three year old with a fake large spider whenever she was being.. Well, 'Naughty' or 'not her sweet self' as we like to say..

After a couple of silly scares, The rest of the month turned into.. "Londyn if you don't eat your dinner, that Spider will come find you" or " Londyn, share with your sister bc that spider is watching you." And magically she would be her sweet & adorable self again. 

I caught on quickly that this could be the best (or meanest) thing that had ever happened to Halloween- besides my baked homemade donuts, but that's s different post. 😜

Londyn instantly was so pleasant and less emotional (we will call it) than usual so eventually she named this spider Spooky Ooky and he was part of our family for the next 31 days and it was very, very  lovely.

Spooky Ooky only came out a couple times, like when Londyns dinner was left untouched- he arrived suddenly on her plate.  When she wasn't tired and was caught jumping on her bed instead, miraculously that spider was sitting on her pillow. My favorite time was when her and her baby sister, 17 months apart, weren't sharing a very loved Anna babydoll- that darn spider had 'climbed' (cough, safety pin) onto her Jammie's on her bottom. 

Londyns reaction everytime went from screaming to laughing very soon which was comical to all who were watching. She would be so scared of this spider one minute and then she would be wanting to 'hold him' and kiss him the next and tell him sorry for being 'not herself' haha It was so cute 😍

To put this spider to an end, now that Halloween is over tomorrow, I came up with a fun idea to spider web our living room and leave her a note from The Spider with a small gift (nightlight for her room she's been wanting and a Halloween book) 

This way, Londyn isn't paranoid anymore about where The Spider is lurking. I can't wait for her to find the note and follow the web leading to her last surprise from her creepy crawly friend. I love creating traditions and making small things a little more extraordinary, as silly as they may seem. 
{her web leading to her fun surprise from her scaring friend}

Here is what the letter said:

Dear Little Ghouls: 

Thankyou for letting me spook you during this fun Halloween,
I hope you found me silly and not too scary or mean. 

You named me Spooky Ooky and spooking is what I do,
Don't eat what's on your plate, cry or whine and I'll find you. 

I scared you on your pillow and on your dinner plate but hiding on the back of your jammie's was my favorite spot to date! 

But don't freak out or worry because I'm gone until next season, 
I'll leave you alone and won't surprise you, unless you give me a good reason. 

So share with your sister and laugh and smile all day 
Be so happy and I will stay far, far away. 

To show you that I love you and had lots of fun too, follow my spider web for my final surprise I left for you! 

Happy Halloween! 
Spooky Ooky The Spider

It's all about the little things.. Oh, Unless it's a real spider on my pillow! Xxoo

Happy Halloween! 

Love, Brittney

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