Sunday, October 12, 2014

Is your hair lacking curl or are you not achieving the curl you are looking for? Who else hates traveling with 3 diff curling irons, especially with the cords get all tangled together. Believe me when I say I have tried every curling iron out there- cheap, expensive- you name it. . I almost never wear my hair straight just because I love how much volume I have when my hair is curly. The nume wand has changed my hair life for the better. Here's why- 
The Nume Wand is one of the best things I have found that gives my hair the perfect curl. 

The Luster Set is the best bang for your buck and the set comes with 5 different barrels for 5 different looks. These barrels attach to one rod easily and effortlessly. It also comes with a black glove (to prevent burns) and a travel bag so all of your barrels are organized and protected. 

I love how soft my hair feels afterwards and how it holds every single curl for the day (or days- when I sleep on a silk pillowcase with my hair in a loose bun). 

Curl all your hair in the same direction or alternating directions depending on the desired look. Also, I love when my ends are left out of the barrel so they are more on the straighter side. Don't forget your heat protectant spray! 

Here are the barrel sizes:

•19 mm- this is the perfect tight curl. I use this on my little girls bc I love the tight ringlets it provides. I'll brush it through my fingertips afterwards for a much softer look. My girls feel like little princesses after their hair is curly. It's super fast and last all day. 
•25 mm- this is my most used wand and the one used on me in the picture above.  I find that it is the prettiest curl that also holds the longest for longer hair. It's just the best! 

•32mm- for lucious locks and that victoria secret esq type hair. This curls adds tons of volume and looks very glamourous! I don't use this as much because I prefer a med size curl but this barrel seems to be the most popular from other ladies. This makes for the perfect date night look. 

•The Pearl- this is a very unique curl that makes your curls look messy and wild. I love this look for the beach or running errands. 

•The Reverse- love this for that beachy/ mermaid- beach babe look. I add beach salt spray and run my fingers through my hair and scrunch it. This is the prettiest look for that 'natural beauty' look. 

I'll post the different hair pics up of each wand soon. 

Oh and Make sure you wait for this set to go on sale bc it ALWAYS does- you just have to wait- which I am terribly bad at. Originally $330 and I purchased mine on sale for $108 with a coupon code. Ships free and now I will never pack 3 curling irons on a trip or buy another iron again. Who hooo! 


I have been using straightener for so long and now I am also planning to buy a good curling iron for myself but I am not familiar to them. So can you help me in buying the first best curling iron? Thanks in advance for your help.


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