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It's National Party Day and VeryJane, one of the cutest online shops, has asked me to feature some of my favorite decor tips for Halloween time! 
But first, Incorporating Halloween decor can be as scary or spooky as you want. I love the more chic, glam & neutral look as well. Ya know, black and white stripes, gold, glitter, black, ivory, feathers, mirrored glass, etc. 

Here are some fun decor tips to help your home be a little more festive this Halloween season and some must have decor accessories that are a Treat and not a money or time costing Trick

           Fancy Glam Skeleton 
I love mixing masculine and feminine things together. It's unexpected and it's unique, just like this glam skeleton. Even better, it cost me $4 and was so easy to make. It's the perfect centerpiece for my kitchen table on a big festive tray. xxoo
You will need:
Foam Skeleton- $1 from dollar store
Pearls- $.99 each small in ivory, medium in a taupe color to offset all the ivory pearls, large and 1 extra large both in ivory. 
Swarvarsky Crystals- $1.99 in small, medium and large
Elmer's glue 

1. Start with the XL pearl and glue in left eye socket
2. Start adding small dots of glue on the foam skull. I placed it on my lap so the pearls could dry and not fall off. Add bigger clusters around the eye socket & make it messy. There is no rhyme or reason to this madness. 
3. Next, start adding the crystals. This is where it gets a little more tedious but it's so worth it. This step totally makes it all glammed out. I had to use the end of a qtip (removed the cotton) to place the crystals on this skull. 
Finished Product: 

           DIY Halloween Banner 
You will need: 
• Black glitter sticker letters- $2.99 from Hobby Lobby
• Twine, scissors and hot glue gun
• Brown packing paper $.99 or old book pegs would look really cool 
• White card stock $.49

1. Think of what you want your banner to say and plan accordingly. (
All Hallows' Eve, Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween, Fright or Spooky are some great ideas to get your banner going) 

2. Cut your brown packing paper about 3 in wide and fold accordion style. 
2. Glue two of these strips together the long ways. Glue both ends together until it connects and looks like a circle. 
3. Bend and glue the middle together so it stays secure and in place. I held each circle together for about 1 minute to let hot glue dry before I let go. 
4. Trace circles on your white card stock for your black sticker letters to go on. A ribbon spool makes for a good stencil. This banner says 'spooky' so I cut out 6 white circles. 
5. Place glitter letter and roughen up the edges to look more 'spooky'. I used a mini lighter to give my circles a more distressed look. 
6. Place this on your packing paper circle with hot glue. (I later added some 4 in long black and white stripe paper for some extra flare behind my white circles) 
7. Punch holes and string your twine through and Ta Da, you are finished!

       DIY Black Feather Wreath:

Nothing says glam like a feathery wreath! 
You will need:
•Foam Wreath- $1 from the dollar store 
•3 Black Boas- $14 from craft store with half off coupon 

1. Secure first black boa and tie with twine. 
2. Begin to wrap boa around the foam wreath in the same direction then secure the end with more twine. 
Continue this until all three boas are used and then get creative by adding a simple ribbon or other Halloween decor. So fast, easy and cheap! 
I use wreaths every where.. On a mirror, door, chalkboard.. You name it! I love how it can add a little more to any space.
     More Halloween Decor Tips
Other fun Halloween decor that might be lying around your house right under your nose are:
• Black boas around party tables
• Chalkboards with a spooky message 
• Old birdcages
• Black frames
• Books to spray paint black or silver or gold
• Beads or pearls to hang from mantel with a banner
• Branches from outside and spray painted black 
• Old broom spray painted black 
• Old bottles, candlesticks or vases for scary treats with chalkboard labels like Witches Brew, Toxic, Posion, Potion etc..
• Black crows- the dollar store sells these 
Tie your crows to a sparkly black tree (we also use this black tree as an advent Halloween to do list for all the fun festive things to do during Halloween season. We use black chalkboard labels and create the fun things with our kids. (Pick a pumpkin, make caramel apples, decorate cupcakes, ding dong ditch someone with treats etc) 

• Skeleton heads in glass jar- also found at the dollar store 

• Black twig wreath- spray painted black
• Candle sticks- from thrift store spray painted and bejeweled with ribbon
•Pumpkins- spray paint matte black, silver, gold or even glue and add German glass glitter to it for a more chic and not so spooky look. I use the cheap ceramic pumpkins from the craft store so I can have these pumpkins every year. 
•Mirror- take hairspray and baby powder and throw on the mirror to give it a more creepy and aged look 
These fun and spooky tips can be used to decorate your front entry way, kitchen table or a fireplace mantle. 
Have fun with it! 

Stay tuned for next week when I share my favorite Halloween games for kids and adults! Xxoo

Thank You for having me! It was so much fun! 
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