Monday, August 11, 2014

Who doesn't love a little glam in their home? It's simple and doesn't have to cost much. I love turning things that are ugly and useless into something useful and beautiful. Drab to Fab.. From this to that.. Here are some fun ways to add a little chic to your space.

1. Take a boring clear jar of any kind (mason jar, pitcher, or small vase) and spray paint the bottom of it gold silver or any other fun metallic color. This makes for a fun way to add more to look at and helps hide the ugly stems. 

2. Add hiegth and demention to trays or shelves. I spray paint ugly books colors I want them and stack them with spines and pages showing. This helps when you have a small item you want to be visible, you can place it on top of some pretty books. 

{More pics to follow}

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