Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ago dust UuiiivvgguytI am beyond excited to share this fun news with you all who have a DSLR camera..

Have a fancy expensive camera but don't know how to use it? Do you find yourself switching the modes on your camera and have no idea what they do? You're not alone- I've had my DSLR camera for almost 4 years and finally learned how to use it like a ft ty, I could take the photo class online, talk with her live about any questions I had and learned some of the most amazing things that only the professional photographers know and now you can too! 

@nicolesclasses is offering 30% OFF  their Photo 101 Class today until Aug 15 only. So quit shooting poor quality pictures on automatic and start shooting like a pro on manual mode.. You definitely  won't regret this! Check out @nicolesclasses for more details and use discount code: BRITTSFAV30 at checkout. I am so happy with the course and can't wait to take all the other classes she offers too! 

Which one is your fav? Nikon or Canon? 

See www.nicolesclasses.com to start your class! This will only be valid for 2 weeks so sign up now! 

Here are some photos without using an editing program and all done on manual mode. Wither it was in the pitch dark, inside or even bright afternoon sun, I leaned how to take pictures like a pro. I am so happy with my results that I want everyone to know and share this same passion I know have for photography! I learned some of the best 'secrets' and tips on taking pictures of anything but my kids were the main reason I wanted to take the class. Here are some of my pictures of them during and after the class! 
Full afternoon sun without a reflector. 
Indoor at night in manual mode


For me, I really wanted to learn how to take a clear bright picture with the back round fuzzy and out of focus. With Nicole's help, I learned that and so so much more! Can't wait to take the other classes! 



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