Sunday, June 8, 2014

I feel like I have done every idea for special occasions for my husband and was so out of new ideas. So when it came to the week of our wedding anniversary, I was completely stumped on ideas on what to do for my husband. 
He is such an amazing husband, father and provider that I wanted to show him how grateful I am for him and for our marriage. I started to think.. And then nothing came to me haha

A few days later (the day before our anniversary) my mom called me and I told her I was stumped on what to do. We just moved to a new city from Salt Lake City Utah to Las Vegas Nevada and this new place was so unfamiliar to me. My mom suggested a cute idea and to think of something that HE would want, something that was simple yet thoughtful and so I did that and it turned out so so cute!!! Thanks Ma! ;) 

Here's what I did- 
I blew up 6 white balloons and inside I wrote a poem of things that we did each year we were married. (Activities and just highlights of funny or crazy memories) I placed the balloons on our bed and he came home and found hearts leading to our bedroom from the garage door. He saw a card on the bed with instructions to pop each balloon that was floating above our bed. I could hear him popping each balloon and so I walked in and we read the poems out loud and together laughing and reminiscing about each year. I made Parker guess which year was what and I told him if he guessed them all right then I had a surprise waiting for him. 
He guessed each year right and so I blindfolded him for a fun treat. (He's becoming very familiar with a blindfold bc he knows I try to surprise him every year wither it's his bday or our anniversary.. I'm sure he is probably sick of being blindfolded but does it still to amuse me haha Surprises are just way more fun sometimes) I took him to Sushi (where we went on our first date) and later to a Massage for two
(Henderson Reflexology- it's only $30 for an hour full body massage/ reflexology treatment) We left there and loved the entire experience. It was unlike any massage we have ever had! 
Our fav sushi spot in Las Vegas is Spicy Tuna and Yummy Sushi, both on Eastern. 
(Order the Ashley role- it's the best) 
He totally loved the surprise and how simple yet thoughtful it was. 

***Keep it simple ladies- no need to put pressure on yourselves or your husbands! Do something little like watch your wedding video, scatter around the house little notes of all the things u love about him and have him find them (6 things for 6 years for example) put something in his car to surprise him before work, stay inside and make dinner together or have a fondue night or in the morning purchase donuts the night before and make a card that says- 'donut u know all the reasons why I love you' and then place little tags inside or on a toothpick of each one with the 'six' reasons why u love him. (Haha ok maybe I'm thinking too hard ;) Sometimes the best things are just more special when things are more simple. 

What he did:
Later that night Parker surprised me to a Gondola ride at the Venitian Hotel on the strip. It's $18 per person and the ride lasts around 15-20 min. If you have never done this- u have to! The gondolas look just like the ones in Italy on this cute boat and the boat drivers sing to you in Italian and it's so romantic! Make sure you get the boat ride that goes outside the's way better and longer and more entertaining than the one that goes inside. We could see the mirage volcanoe go off while we were on the boat.. So cool! We also saw a proposal happen on the boat in front of us so that was so awesome and we started talking about our proposal story! 
Afterwards, Parker took me to a fun French Bakery for dinner and dessert- Jean Peirres Patisserie located inside the Aria. I heard about it from a close friend and had to go! He remembered which was sweet. It was sooo yummy and had the most unique desserts. The ambiance was also the best part too. It was so fun to walk around afterwards and enjoy the fun new city that we now live in! We later roasted s'mores by the fire and enjoyed a relaxing night for two. 

Hopefully this sparks a couple easy ideas if you are in the Las Vegas area or are planning on visiting for your anniversary, which most couples do.

Other fun Las Vegas ideas-
-Eat at the top of the Eiffel Tower in the Paris Hotel. Or just go to the top- it's only $11 a person and the view is spectacular! 

-Bunjee jump off the Stratosphere or ride the big shot!!! It's $18 just to go to the top so may as well pay another $10 to ride a scary ride together! 
-Ride the new Ferris Wheel on the strip. The Linq is the biggest Ferris wheel in the bigger than the London Eye and perfect for a fun activity and awesome view
-Rent scooters and stroll the entire strip, make a scavenger hunt too! Go to your favorite hotels and do one activity there an hop back on your scooter together! 
- Of course, you can't miss the Bellagio Water Show- it's free and so romantic! It goes off every 15 min so it's easy to catch if your on the strip. 
-The Cake Shoppe in the Venetian Hotel is out if this world delicious. They make the cake practically in front of you. *Warning- there is a long long line on the weekends so make sure you call in advance

What do you do that is fun with your special someone in Las Vegas? I'd love to hear your suggestions! 

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