Sunday, May 18, 2014

I can't believe my little baby girl is three.  We had so much fun celebrating her special day with her.  When I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted...she said she wanted a 'pink & candy party.'  The inspiration came to throw her a 'sweet shoppe' birthday party with all of her favorite treats and sweets.  

Here are some fun decor details.. Lots of items were taken from my favorite things party a few weeks back so visit that if you are looking for more info on where I got certain things from. 

Chalkboard- made by my hubby. See prev posts for step by step instructions 
Gold glitter letters- made easily! Visit prev posts on diy easy banners
Krispy Kreme donuts with a fun happy birthday topper! Her favorite..stack them messily! 
Londyn is sweet so take a treat! I sprayed this .99 gold frame from ikea gold (also see fav things party for more details) 
Pink gold and white gumbals are such an easy and cheap decoration and can be used as a treat as well! 
I also cut the paper striped straws to be used for the cake bites instead of toothpicks. 
I also just grabbed things from her room like her pictures and other girly items from her shelves.
I wrote down all of the things Londyn loves and things that describe her so that when she is older she can read these and laugh.. Three is so funny already.. I loved all her answers to my questions. Hoping to do his every year! 
The 3 IS SWEET banner is the back is made from glitter gold cardstock and I created the letters myself by tracing them backwards so that when I flipped them over they were readable and then cut them out and hole punched the top to string them all together. 
Dress- Pippylouboutuque
Necklace- Tiny Fabulous
Hairbow- Londy Lou
Pink and gold dessert plates are from HomeGoods 
Flowers- trader joes (thanks kd)

Next time I will use a chalk marker bc the regular chalk got really messy 
See prev post on how to make your own floral number or letter 
DIY wire lace crown is also found on prev posts as well. It's so easy to make and we use it for almost every party - even for brides to be and birthdays! Londyn just loves this! 
Don't forget about placing a cute chalkboard outside directing people to the party instead of using a sticky note! We purchased this chalkboard from ikea for the girls to play with and I painted it grey to match our home better. Love this item! 

Happy Birthday to the sweetest and sassiest three year old! 

Id love to hear your birthday decor ideas! 
Feel free to ask any questions!

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