Thursday, May 1, 2014

Moving is hard work! Why make it more stressful by being unprepared?! Here are some simple tips I tried and some I wish I knew during a out of state move! 

I learned so much about how much I didn't know during a move across states. When Parker and I first got married, we lived in a small apt so moving into our first home was simple.. Just our stuff that fit into our truck. Four years and two baby girls later- it's a totally different story. We filled our home and had so much more to move! We grew into that house and were now moving from Utah to Henderson NV. Luckily we had amazing neighbors, friends and family to help us out. 

Tips for a Simpler & Less Stressful Move:

Here are some tips I wish I knew earlier and def will keep in mind the next time we move (if ever haha.. Ya it was that crazy!) 

If you have children, try to have a sitter for them during the last 2-3 days of moving. It's crazy trying to feed them lunch, get their juice, play princesses let alone pack up your fragile dishes and even think. My neighbors were awesome and volunteered or I don't know what I would've done! This def reduced stress. Make up for the time lost during bed time. We always took a break and went somewhere out of the messy house to go play. 

Leave all your towels, pillows, blankets and bedding out for cushion for fragile items: big and small. This saved on packing paper! 

-Tape or place every screw, nail or hardware to the back or each frame or wall decor. Tape plastic baggies to them also with a label so you don't lose those tiny pieces. Not to toot my own horn but I did that to every curtain rod, lamp, picture etc and Parker didn't do it while taking down our custom lights in our kitchen and lost the specific hooks. Now we have to wait 2 weeks for them to send us a new one. Lesson learned. Thanks Ma for the tip!!!

- Get rid of things! There will be no better time to spring clean! Dejunk, give away and toss things that aren't both BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL. Stick to that motto and it won't lead you astray. 
Now look around :) 

-Obviously start with things you don't use FIRST. Like things in your basement, movies, toy closet etc. 

-You always need more boxes, tape and markers than you think you do! Buy more, return if you don't use. Again- Parker prob visited the Home Depot 49 times during the last 3 days haha

-Star your boxes so you know which ones are important and should be opened first. I stared kitchen supplies, bedding & my favorite home decor

Lowes has the best boxes due to the side handles and felt like they held up better than the Home Depot ones.. Just sayin'

Items to Bag for your New Home! 

Here is a list of items you may want to place in a bag for once you get to your new home. This saved my life and made the transition so much easier and smoother. 

Tool Box
-extra nails
-screw driver
-ext cords
-mounting tape
-knife to take apart boxes easier 
-measuring tape
-spray paint (you may laugh but this was so nice to have around.."oh that doesn't go well in this problem, where is the spray paint!" Silver, gold, black and white are def must haves. Check out these old books I spray painted to add depth and attention to this space in my new home.

Pen & Paper

Room spray : to make your home smell like yours instantly (candles take too long) 
This Volcano Room Spray is my all time new fav! 

Toiletries:  toilet paper and other bathroom supplies (shampoo & conditioner, soap, razor, face wash, deodorant, toothbrush,toothpaste, etc)

-every cord to your electronics, car chargers, computer and any other devices you will need ASAP or while on the road. Make sure everything is charged and ready to go for your trip

Paper or Plastic
-any throw away kitchen supplies so you can eat pizza or whatever quick food you will need for family helping or yourself
(Also add water bottles)

Cleaning Supplies
-paper towels
-toilet cleaner
-multi purpose cleaner (my fav on my IG) 
-broom, mop, dustpan etc 

Pet Food & Dishes

A Couple Toys For Kids

Nightbag for Each Pherson 
-2-3 change of clothes (ya never know how long it'll take you.. Glad I packed up to 3 days just in case) 
-undergarments & socks
-tennis shoes 

Hope this helps and I would love to hear your ideas and moving tips! Leave a comment on my blog or Instagram @brittsfavthings 

Huge Thank You To:
My Mom, Dad, Chase, Mont, Mason, Braden, Alayna, Jenny, Angie, Michelle, Terry, Heidi, Ang, Bruce, Nick, Darren, Justin, Chad, Weston, Brent & all the many many others who helped us move in and out with more ease! We love you all! 


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