Thursday, May 15, 2014

My little girl is turning 3 and time is flying by! I decided to make something she could use for a photo op and something for a decoration for her birthday party. Her favorite color is pink so I decided on pink succulents. 

All you need is
Hot glue
Fake or real flowers 
Paint if needed



Simply trace the letter or number you wish to create. *remember to create it backwards so when u flip it over it is read correctly. 
Cut out drawing with sharp knife
Hot glue flowers to styrofoam and push in flowers to the styrofoam a little bit
Continue until foam is fully covered
I didn't have enough flowers to go around and behind the foam so I painted the ensues with Martha Stuarts gold metallic paint. 
Let dry for a whole 24 hours if you paint it

To make the foam letter or number stand, I cut out a long piece and glued it on the bottom back of the foam to create support and help it stand. 

Hope that was easy to understand! Enjoy! 

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