Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer is coming and what better way to stay cool by the pool than with popsicles! I found these Popsicle Stick Holders at Ikea for only $1.99! Add your own fruit punch or lemonade or fresh fruit juice into these holders and wa-la! My girls love them and so do we! 

* Fresh Raspberry Lemonade Recipe: 

In a pitcher, combine 3 cups warm water and 3 cups sugar and stir until dissolved.

 Add 4 cups fresh lemon juice and 8 more cups of cold water.

 Add the fresh or frozen bag of raspberries (or any fruit you wish) & let the juice 'marinate' in the fridge & drink up or add to the popsicles. (I like mine more tart so I add less sugar and more lemons)

 *What is your Favorite Lemonade or Drink Recipe for Summertime? #brittsfavthings #lemonade #diypopsicles 

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