Friday, April 4, 2014

Here are some fun spring hairstyles that are easy and unique.. Thanks for the fabulous @brittneylundgreen for showing me how easy it can be to do something fun to your hair every now and then. Check out my Instagram to see how you can get $25 off hair color and cut with her. She's a hair genius!

I love to start any look with a full curly head of hair. Curl with rod from the root down using a 3/4 in curling rod. Add shine with argon oil! 

                 Let's get started!!!

The Boho Braid. 

Perfect for: when you haven't washed your hair or you have crazy grow out and are trying to hide it. 

How to achieve this look step by step.
1. Split hair on side of your head into a small section underneath hair on top of head
2. Start to loosely braid that section of hair. 
3.Pick out braid so that it looks looser than before, pull each section out to make the braid even larger. 
4. Do the same braid on both sides of your head. 
5. Pull each side over to the other side and pin with bobby pin.
6. Pull other braid over as well and pin. 
Tease and curl hair. Love love this look and how simple it was to create it! 

The Top Knot.

Perfect for: unwashed hair, a beach day, walk with the kids or a ball game. 

How to achieve this look step by step:

1. Split pony tail in 3 sections two in the back and the front one is the top half of the pony. 
2. Tease one of the back sections so it has lots of volume. (No need to smooth) 3. Tease the other back section and twist them up opposite ways around the front section and secure with bobby pin. 
4. Tease and smooth and swirl it around 
The messier the better. 

The Topsy Tail Braid. 

Perfect for: work, beach, running errands, yoga, don't have a pony tail holder. 
Start with hair pulled to the side. Hold with one hand up top and with other hand split hair into two creating a hole. Grab pony through hole and pull through. Keep doing this all the way down your hair until you reach the end. No elastic needed. This stays in place all day!!! See video on IG for more detail. 

Topsy Tail Half Up.

Perfect for: running errands, fly always & wanna do something different and super easy! 

Part hair with your fingers from each side until you meet in the middle of the back of your hair. Secure with pony and create a part in between hair and flip hair up and under into the pony tail. 
Do the same thing directly under this pony tail so that you create two one right under the other. 
Tease and curl to create volume. 

A big shout out to one of my besties: Brittney Lundgreen for teaching us some fun new hairstyles for spring! She is the cutest and on top of all the hair trends- from brazillian blowouts, extensions, hairstyles, cuts and color! 

Email her to make your hair apt in Utah

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