Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Who doesn't want healthy hair? Your hair can either make you or break you. It's what people often see first and usually the first way someone uses to describe another. Have I stressed the importance of your hair yet?! 

I'm the first one to say I've broken all these cardinal hair rules at some point or another so I know the effects that breaking one or some of these 'rules' has on the health of your hair. 

Oftentimes I think we try to fix the appearance of our hair when it's looking bad with shine spray or some kind of quick fix to make it look healthy when really we should be getting to the ROOT (haha) of the issue and make your hair actually healthy. 

Here are some tips and tricks I've learned along the way that I've used and made into a habit and in return, have noticed a huge difference in the overall health of my hair.

       What are your tips to having               luscious healthy shiny locks? 

    In case you can't read the fine print..
              (Plus some extra details)

1. Skip a hair wash or two 
during the week (I usually wash mine only 2x a week- if I'm lucky) don't judge ;) Seriously- why spend all that time washing, blow drying and damaging your hair when--TRUST ME, it's always prettier a little dirtier. 
2. Air dry hair as much as 
you can, esp when you are just around the house that day 
3. Thermal Heat Protectant 
is a MUST- I didn't know this before but it has made the biggest difference as far as heat damage goes
4. Take your Vitamins- Biotin or Phyto Pills give that extra health boost (Nordstrom makeup dpt carries the phyto pills) and I'm sure a multi vitamin wouldn't hurt. I carry mine in my purse so I never forget when I'm running busy or out and about PLUS eating a healthy diet (avocados an healthy fats, greens, fruits, whole grains) etc
5. Dry Shampoo to save on washing
 hair after the gym
 (Suave is my all time fav and it's only $2.50!!!) 
6. Deep Conditioner (MASK IT) 
once a week or twice a month- I know lots of girls who sleep in a shower cap with their mask on their hair overnight but I just wear mine for 30 min- 1 hour. 
7. Curl it once and ride those 
curls all week long (again...don't judge) haha 
8. Braid it, pony it, 
twist it- just use less heat- I also will scrunch it or use beach spray to bring out some slight curls to my straight hair
9. Silk pillow at night to 
avoid breakage
10. Less hairspray (hairspray dries out hair) and more oils (Argon, morracan) to give it added shine and strength
11. Highlights/ professional touch ups around 8 weeks- wait as long as you can, (ESP if you use bleach on your hair)  until your roots drive you nuts
12. Trim Split Ends twice a year 
13. Invest in a good brush.. My fav is the wet brush (any kind of boar bristle brush is awesome too) 

***Extra tip- my beautiful mom would kill me if I didn't add this one:
"Brush your hair at the ends and work your way up when your hair is wet or tangled especially" (love ya ma) 

I'm sure I missed tons.. So What are your Favorite Healthy Hair Tips? 
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Argan oil is awesome for your hair. But make sure it's the real thing. Lots of fake argan oil out there.


LOVE this! Im glad i already do most of it.... I always am wanting to change my hair so thats not good. I have to force myself to get to 8 to 10 weeks!


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