Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I got the chance to throw my one and only sister a bridal shower. She met her fiancé in kindergarten, kept in touch until they dated in college at BYU, she waited for him while he served an lds mission for two years and they got married Dec 20. Their love is so special and so I wanted her make her bridal shower just as perfect. (Sounds cheesy but it's true)

The pictures are darker than I would like and nothing is ever as cute in pictures as it is in person so hopefully you get the full effect..

The Invites: (not pictured) 
Her favorite color is mint blue so we made sure to incorporate that color for her shower. I got her invites from and they were so perfect! 
We sent them out about 2-3 weeks before in order for everyone to RSVP and know about her special night. 

The Outfit:
The funnest thing for the bride is the outfit. (I mean, come on.. Don't u wake up excited to put on your new stylish shirt in the morning? ) it's the same with her party, I wanted to make her look and feel extra special at her shower. It sounds silly, but it makes it more festive & special and adds a little extra oommph to the party.
I made Tiff a crown made from chicken wire bedazzled with pearls, cream flowers, jewels and a sign that said 'Bride to Be' on the side. She also wore a white boa. She def looked the part! :)

The Food:
For the food, I made my favorite and most requested poppy seed sandwiches which are my all time fav- low key, but freakin yummy main dish. (Email me if u want the recipe) don't forget to add the paper flags on toothpicks in the sandwiches.. (Again with the ooomph)

We also served a strawberry spinach salad (another amazing recipe) with candied pecans and feta cheese and also served kettle chips in mini servicing cups on cupcake stands. *dont forget to put your homemade dressing in a beautiful glass jar! 

The drinks were my favorite part though. We served sprite in mason jars with grey striped paper straws (her wedding colors) and mint blue cotton candy to sit on top of the straw. It was so dang cute! 

The Sweets:
For the dessert table, I ordered smart cookies from AF and had the centers of the flowers match the party in the mint Tiffany blue color. These are the best cookies. 

The Decor:
We kept it simple and got balloons, pretty fresh flowers and used lots of feather boas (I'm obsessed with feathers ESP for a girlie party or winter wedding. I also added a glitter gold table cloth which was perfect and lots of cake stands that had dimension to give the table different heights. We had pictures of the bride to be with candles and other girly things to add to the bridal shower. It helped too that my home was already set up for Christmas so it was pretty to have the white lights everywhere. 
We also had small chalkboards on frame stands to label food and other small items on the tables. 

The Banner: (gotta have one) 
My mom and I made a banner that said, 
'Here Comes the Bride' and we glittered the letters ourselves and added them into mint paper (see details on how to make my banners in prev post) 

The Entertainment:
Ok so Tiff isn't a huge gamer so we sneakily got Braeden to answer some questions about Tiff so we could have her answer them in front of everyone at the party. This was fun bc we all got to learn about the bride and groom and see their fun personalities. My husband made it into a video and played it through my Apple TV so it was on the big screen. Super easy! A quick tip while making the video, he made the video fast and wrote the question in bigger font so I would have time to pause in on the question and she had to answer it. Then we played it with him answering the question personally so everyone could see him on the big screen. She had to put a Marshmellow in her mouth for every wrong answer.  We hid the tv behind a white ruffled diy curtain so that it was already set up with no technical difficulties. The video was so cute & Tiffani said it was the best surprise! 
Email me if you would like a detailed questionaire for the fiancé to ask and answer. We mixed it up with embarrassing, sweet & personal things. It was a huge hit! 

We also made a Wishing Tree for friends and family to write their advice (with feather pens of course) and hang it on the crystal mini tree (found at Tai Pan) for her to read at a later date. We went around the room after everyone ate and did the intros and then the guests shared their advice to tiff. The advice was fun to hear and helped us all get to know one another as well! 
After presents were opened and the shower was over, guests took home extra sugar cookies for being so 'sweet' and a ring pop wrapped in cellophane and pretty string that said 'You ROCK'
All the girls wore the ring pops on their finger and took pics of their blingin rings next to the brides ring! haha 
It was such a fun night and the bride to be was a (pop) ROCK STAR! xxoo 
Love ya Tiff!

Other beautiful bridal showers ideas..

This is my darling life long friend (since we were kids) Kenzie. My mom and I threw her shower but I missed her wedding bc my little girl Sawyer was born early right before her special day. Kenzie is such a sweet person on the inside and out and has the cutest little family now. Here are some quick details from her bridal shower. I only helped with a couple things while my mom was mostly the brains to this operation. 

This chalkboard was used outside to direct family and friends to the party! I love a cute chalkboard. Don't you? This one that the mother of the bride made is just a chalk board sitting on an isle painted grey to match the party.

My mom made this beautiful pennant sign from old book pages and deep purple letters (her colors) and strung it in the living room where the bride to be opened her presents. Same crown used here! 
Here is the yummy food table. Are you noticing a pattern here :) 
My yummy twisted breadstick recipe was a hit! (email me for recipe) My mom made a yummy pasta salad, fruit in individual cups and sugar cookies from Swig. The water bottles even had pretty sparkly paper wrapped around them! It was perfect! 

That's why I don't feel guilty if a banner takes me a while to make bc I know I will most likely reuse things. It makes it easier the next go around! Happy Bridal Shower Planning!!! If you have fun game ideas for a bridal shower, please comment below or on my Instagram @brittafavthings I would love to see and maybe share them! :) 



These are very good bridal shower ideas and hope this information will help me in arranging my cousin’s bridal shower event in couple of weeks. We have already booked one of excellent wedding venues Los Angeles and want to have amazing time there.


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