Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My favorite family Christmas tradition, that I have now passed on, is our fabulous and unique Christmas Balls. These aren't just any ordinary balls, they are made from crate paper and have amazing and awesome products inside. 

Each and every Christmas my mom would make these and we would open them on Christmas Eve. One year she didn't make them and all us kids were so so sad so she ran to the store that Christmas Eve night and surprise made them so we would have them to open on Christmas morning. Yes, I have that great of a mother and yes, they are THAT big of a deal! 

To start, you just colorful crate paper from any party supply store and get fun items to stick inside. I usually place the biggest item and wrap it with the crate paper until it's covered or almost covered completely, add another item and continue this until your crate paper runs out or you run out of items to put in your christmas balls. 

Here are some examples of items you can place inside these Christmas balls:

For moms or women I always add:

Lipstick, nail kit, teeth whitening, car charger, mini chalkboard, candle, eyelashes, makeup, nailpolish, $1 section at Target is always fun! Jewelry, food gift cards, gum, candy, Nordstrom samples of your fav perfume, movie tickets and anything else that is small, simple and fun! Women are easy

For dad's or guys:

Beef jerky is always a fav, gum, car wash certificates, car chargers, car scents, candy bars, food gift cards, cologne samples, shoes laces, teeth whitening strips, axe body wash, gas gift cards, $1 bills or coins etc

For toddlers or kids:

Play dough, hot wheels, baby bottle, candy, baby bracelets, mini dinosaurs or toys, $1 bills, small books, princess stuff, movies etc.. Our little 2 year old loves unwrapping these! Kids are super easy

At the end, once everything is wrapped, you should have a large crate paper ball with all your items completely covered! Obviously it isn't a perfectly shaped ball, which makes it a little more unique because no one will know what is inside! Place tape on the end piece with their name or a sign that says, 'pull here' 
They start from that end piece, place their ball on the ground and go! All of the fun items start to fall out and there are tons of little fun surprises! 

Once everything is unwrapped, you should be left with tons of fun stuff on the floor around you and a big pile of wrinkled crate paper.. And lots of happy people loving their Christmas Balls! :)

This is such a fun and simple way to make Christmas a little more fun. Because of my moms fabulous and creative idea, I now have passed this tradition on and make them for my extended family, husband and kids each year. Everyone always looks forward to them and it is my way of bringing a little magic and fun on Christmas. 


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