Monday, December 2, 2013

                         Advent Calendar Ideas 

I love getting and sharing new ideas.. ESP for Christmas. Here are some advent calendar ideas shared by my amazing followers who always have the coolest ideas! Above is mine. It's numbered burlap bags on twine and inside I add service a day or an activity a day and even sometimes candy for the kids to do and open each morning. This is a fun way to countdown and get the kids involved! What are your ideas? Share them with us on Instagram @brittsfavthings

Don't forget about the man you love this holiday season. Countdown with little dates each day like iceskating, build a snowman, share the same hot chocolate, bake cookies together, 20 min massage, write each other a love note, dance in the kitchen to Christmas music.. etc. make him feel special too with 24 little ways like this. #brittsfavthings #adventcalendar #christmasforhim #christmasideas #ideasforhim 

Followers ideas:

Loving @imwhit Beautiful DIY Advent Calendar with envelopes on string she made using kraft paper. She made a scripture of Christ a day & reads them to her little girl. If your nice enough, she may even send you the 24 scripture stories she uses! ;) Thanks @imwhit for sharing with us! Follow her cute blog @polishnpipsqueaks for more fab ideas! 

#brittsfavthings #adventcalendar #christmasdecor #diychristmas #christmasideas 

Here's a vintage idea for an advent calendar. This looks like one I used to open as a kid

Loving this service a day one.. Where this cute mom does small acts of kindness each day for her advent calendar.. Here is an idea of one. Love love love

How cute is the cupcake tin advent calendar. This follower made her own numbered magnets and stuck them on cardstock to cover the tins. She filled the tins with candy for her kids to open! So cute and so easy! Thanks for sharing this! 

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