Thursday, November 21, 2013

My 2 in 1 Harvest Banner on one side (says spooky on the other side) Flip it depending on which holiday I'm celebrating. I made this at the Emporium at Thanksgiving Point with my cute friend Brittney and I hang it up every year since. 
I had my hubby just hang permanent nails in the wall for all my banners for the holidays so I can easily hang each banner up and this one is no different, it's storing this sucker that's the hard part! 

DIY Harvest/Spooky Banner:

Packing Paper (from ups store)
Wrapping paper of your choice
(Browns, oranges & tans were used for the harvest side and purples, greens and oranges were used for the spooky side) it's nice bc the oranges are seen from both sides. 
Vinyl Letters or use your criciut machine 
Ribbon (cute pretty and even knotted some) hanging down below and up top to hold it all together.
Lots of cutting and hot glueing but so worth it! 

Only took 2 hours & I'm obsessed with it! Check out the Emporium for more DIY projects around the holidays. It's fun to take your girlfriends and make a girls night out I it! 

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