Sunday, November 3, 2013

I've seen lots of animal heads all over the place and knew I wanted to do a project with one. Only problem was, I only have two girls and didn't see fitting in their rooms since it was so rustic. It didn't hit me until I saw this white ceramic deer head and knew exactly what to do with it to make it more my style so I could have it in my front room and make it look a masculine yet feminine at the same time.

 I took a white ikea frame (see my post on ikea hacks for details) and backed it on the cut-out cardboard provided and ripped up book page paper from any craft store (or an old book) and messily glued them onto the cardboard and then modge podge over it to give it that glossy look. Let is dry and then place the cardboard peice inside frame. 

I hung the shabby frame first on the wall and then hung the deer head after the frame was secure onto the cardboard through the wall. 

I hung it in our front entry and plan on hanging our new shabby outdoor family pics on the wall around it. I've gotten so many questions about it that I thought id post how simple and easy it was. This would also be cute in a boys room with a simpler frame. I liked mine white and simple but would be cute in color or grey as well. 

I found this deer head at HomeGoods but there are also some found at Target, Cotton On and Pottery Barn. xxoo

Before I hung it on the wall to see if id like it. 

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