Saturday, November 23, 2013

DIY 'Merry & Bright' Banner

I wanted to make a sign for Christmas but any one who knows me knows I am anti Red so I wanted something neutral and pretty. I love making things that I know won't go out of style so that I can use it again and again for years to come. This banner was going to have the same concept.
I purchased everything from hobby lobby (except the wrapping paper- music note paper from Tai Pan) and hope that u can see from the detailed pics how I did it bc I hate typing and it would take forever to explain it all.
Overall it took about 2 hours of cutting & glueing but I'd say it's so worth it! Hope u become inspired to make something pretty for the holidays! Enjoy! 

Here's what u need:
Music note wrapping paper- $2.99 tai pan This was a steal so I bought a bunch. I've looked for this print everywhere and it's always out of stock
4 sheets tissue paper-$.99
Fancy scalloped scissors-$1.99
Reg scissors 
Hot glue gun
6 cream card stock .59 per sheet 
6 pretty buttons 
Fridge crinkled paper- added last minute not in picture but def made it prettier! 
Satin ribbon 5 yards $2.99
Lace ribbon $1.99
Glitter ribbon $.99
Printed ribbon of your choice $1.99
Sparkly white tulle
Hole punch
Strand of long pearls
And my fav new product....
Glitter alphabet Stickers in big size! I choose black so the letters would stand out-$7.99 but I used my 40% coupon at checkout on my phone

This sign cost me under $25 to create! 

Step 1: cut wrapping paper into banner shape
2. Cut the card stock to layer over wrapping paper. I used my scallop scissors 
3. Place the stickers evenly on cardstock. It didn't come with an & sign so I created my own using a '3' and a '1' haha make it work! 
4.  I cut the tissue paper after the 3 crease and folded it on top to make it shorter so you could slightly see it under the cardstock. I only used 4 sheets total for the entire project

5. Layer it 
6. Cut the tissue paper pretty with scalloped scissors 
7. Staple all three papers together as close as u can to the top. The staples will eventually be hidden with satin ribbon
8. Hole punch every other letter, this is where the ribbon and buttons will go. I didn't want to do every letter bc I thought it'd be too much. Do whatever u think looks best here
9. Here is the ribbons I used. You can't go wrong with creams, a little print and a little texture. This is my absolute fav thing to do. Even with my outfits.. I always like a solid mixed with print mixed with texture. It's all in the details so don't skimp on ribbons! 
10. String ribbons through holes and tied. I tied my button with the tulle last

11. Take your fringe and glue gun and glue on the back on the cardstock your fringe. I again chose every other letter that was diff from the ribbons so that the other letters weren't so plain in comparison. 
12. Next glue gun your satin thick ribbon over your staples up top and fold over to give it a finished look 
13. Lastly, I strung my pearls over every other pennant and tied up top with my sparkly tulle! 

Store in a bag when the holidays are over with it labeled. Lay flat. 

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