Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our little sweet innocent Londyn was a nightmare when it came to coloring on her brown wooden table my mother in law got her. I was going to paint it white and make it a dry erase table by adding glass on top of it, until my darling friend came over and told me to turn it into a chalkboard! I thought this was such a brilliant idea.. Way better than glass that could end up breaking or hurting them somehow. 

I don't have the pictures during the process but all we used was:
-white paint to cover up the brown wood  -black chalkboard paint from Home Depot only $9.99
Mini sponge roller 
I used my sponge roller and painted only the table top 4 times with a couple hours in between each time to dry completely. 

Don't forget to edge it before you use it. This is where you lightly run the chalk sideways all over the table softly and then wipe it off so that your chalkboard is ready completely. It should look chalky afterwards. DONT FORGET THIS IMPORTANT STEP OR YOUR CHALKBOARD WILL BE RUINED! 

.. and now our sweet innocent Londyn can stay sweet by using her 2 in 1 chalkboard table. We will just have to hide the crayons and markers for now! 

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