Thursday, October 3, 2013

When I moved into my new home 3 1/2 years ago, I couldn't wait to organize my pantry. I never liked the look of a Cheese It's box or a Trix cereal box lined up on the shelves. I thought it looked so cluttery and messy. I always thought it looked so unorganized even when I lined them up according to size haha and I hated that the bright ugly boxes never matched haha OCD much? LoL 

I couldn't wait to get started, Especially when I saw my moms pantry and one of my fav bloggers, House of Smiths pantry. I did it all in one day and couldn't wait to see the finished product. Here are some tips I learned along the way! 

First place to start is deciding what kind of buckets and labels you will need and catorgorized the food labels accordingly. (This was the hardest part) 
Think about what food items you have the most of and try to catorgorize them the best you can. My list is below. 

Bins: Smiths Market Place (or you could find some at home goods, tjs, world market etc.) You're going to have them forever so make sure that they are nice and match and are big enough for your items.

The larger bins I labeled:

Oils (yeasts, olive oil, coco oil, oils that are kept at room temp) 
Sweets (cake mixes, icecream comes, pudding)
Mixes (brown rice, ranch mix, quinoa, muffin mix)
Baking (I have two of these bc I bake the most- the other bin is in my kitchen cupboard with my sugars and other baking items bc it was more practical. This bin in my party is more of my backup) I keep choc chips, baking cups, skewers, candles, sparklers and other random baking needs)
Bread (ugh.. Bread haha and peanut butters, Nutella & cookie butter)
Cereal (cereals, pop tarts & homemade granola)
Chips (corn chips, crackers)
Pasta (pasta noodles, velveta packages, pasta sauce)

I tied these metal bins with a string since the velcroe wouldn't stick on these.

**You can bin your canned items, I chose to place mine on a canning shelf off to the side on the end bc I already had that. I didn't want them in a bin bc it wasn't as easy to store and took up so much room in a bin. So I just have the cans lined up and hidden. 

Smaller bins: 

Baby ( I used to keep baby food, formula and things like that in this bin.. Now that my baby is bigger I use it for misc items. Need to change this tag soon. 
Drinks (crystal lite mixes, hot chocolate stuff)
Popcorn (popcorn kernels, bags of popcorn & vintage popcorn boxes) 
Snacks (fruit snacks, almonds, mostly kid stuff is in this bin)
Treats (suckers, cookies, more kid stuff) 

I personally like these smaller bins downlow on the shelf bc my kids can help themself to the items when they feel hungry. Do what works for you. This system was perfect for our little family. 

Vinyl Letters: vinyl expression in Lehi (or you can use stickers or a circuit) 
Choose a font that is simple and easy to read. I used 1" letters for my vinyl. 

I backed the vinyl letters on simple paper and then backed it again. 

My mom helped me by laminating all my labels so they wouldn't get ruined. I kept telling my mom no bc I thought it was too much and would look way over done but boy am I glad I listened to her organizing nerdness :) and didn't skip this step bc I know everything would be destroyed by food or the babies by now. I thought it was a little over the too at first but I'm so happy I did it now! 

After that we velcroed the lamenated paper and stuck it on to the bins. If you don't have a lamenater you can always use contact paper. In the 3 1/2 years I've had my pantry like this, the velcroe has never moved. You can also punched holes in the top and tie a string to it to hang from the baskets or use a large clothes pin. I used Velcro bc I didn't want it getting in the way of getting food out of the bins. 

Don't forget to buy pantry shelving paper. This helps my bins not move and keeps my shelves looking nice and neat. Def rec these!  

I liked my party stuff on the top shelf bc it is pretty and babies would t break it. I love the look of glass wear and am obsessed with cake plates so I wanted them shown off & up high. :) 

Another tip is when placing items in the bins, remove them from their boxes and use a clip to contain cereals or chips. I found mine at the dollar section of target and work perfectly! This gives you so much more room to store your items. There was a learning curve at first but I'm so glad we have got the system of throwing away boxes and clipping the bags instead! 

On the other shelves of my pantry I have other bins for things like party supplies, extra kitchen items, gifts, tools, home cleaning products, home storage items, gift wrapping, and craft supplies. 

One day I want to add a thin rug in our walk in pantry and a chandelier :) 

We also have a fun menu board on the wall and well as a magnet board where we keep coupons or recipes. 

How do you organize your pantry? 


Could u seriously just come organize my pwntry? I love this idea


Hi! I love this look! Great job. I was wondering if you bought your wood bins or if they were used crates that they gave to you? Thanks :)


Beautiful! Love the menu board!


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