Tuesday, October 8, 2013

So for a first birthday, it's all about the little things. For me it was what are the things I will want her to remember when she looks back on her pictures and that is that she was super loved and adored by her family. 
The main things I wanted was a fun pretty cake for the smashing
A banner for pictures 
Balloon with the fringe 
Cake topper 
A cute outfit that screamed First Birthday Party

It was simple and perfect for us and I know that she loved all the attention. 
We woke her up to tons of balloons thrown in her bed by mommy daddy and Londyn and her excitement was totally worth the loss of air getting all these balloons ready haha
Then we put her in her high chair that morning and sang happy birthday to her with a chocolate Crossaint and a simple candle. It was so cute too bc Londyn knew all the words. 
Of course you can't eat something so fancy without pearls and a crown on :) 
Early I sprayed this black chair gold to match her party and love it way better! 

I made the balloon tissue paper fringe with gold, white, light purple and dark purple and strung them on twine. This took the longest to make out of everything but worth it bc I will use this again or at least use the gold and white again and add other colors to it. Cheap project and worth the time. Stick it to the balloon string of make it a banner. I did both! 

Not the best pics of the tissue paper banner but u get the idea. More tutorials on my blog. 

After breakfast we gave the girls a fun bath with balloons and played games and read to our little soybean 
We had just family over for pizza and set up for the cake smashing. It was so fun to watch her smash her cake and I know that she felt so loved by many. Thanks to all who wished her a very happy first birthday! 

Birthday Tradition: cake throwing party! 

After we did presents and Sawyer learned to share with her big sister :) 

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