Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Always in need of a good face product! Do you have a fav cleaner, tool or awesome skin find that you love and works? Take a picture & share your favorites. Tag @brittsfavthings for a chance to win a Sephora gift card! Winner announced 10/11. 

I'll post everyone's entries on my blog soon so stay tuned! 

Lots of followers favorites were:

1. NeriumAD $80/month rep
2. Hydropeptide 60/month spa
3. Olay moisturizer $10 drugstore
4. Belli facial wash $18 amazon 

Most people said there clarisonic was a must have purchase for their facial skin routine each day. They are def an investment and something I def want to try now. I'm asking Santa :) purchase this at sephora, Nordstrom, amazon or ulta. 

Here are the top 4 for fav facial products to treat acne. I def needed these tips this week so thanks for those who posted! 1. Cerave & Cetaphil- these clean many posts on this drugstore facial wash 2. PeterThomasRoth acne facial pads are said to work wonders & is used at night to treat acne while you sleep 3. Murad Acne Cleaner is a time release cleanser that treats those pesky zits throughout the day. This is for hormonal acne 4. Highly rec & said that used together works wonders on an acne prone face.  

Other tips I've learned to prevent acne:
-Drink at least 80 oz of water each day to flush toxins and impurities out of your body
-Use a buff puff 4 for $1 at any drugstore to remove dead skin cells 
-Clear Skin DoTERRA Oils are said to do wonders on stubborn pimples 
- Wash your face morning and night with salicic acid and benzoyl peroxide to clean out and prevent pimples and zits. If it's hormonal acne (that time of the month, try a cleanser that is specific to hormones or ask a specialist to help you find a good one for your skin type. 
-Clean your pillow and sheets weekly. Your face lays on that each night and bacteria can build up. ESP if too forgot to wash your face the night before
-Eat a clean and balanced diet. Use sugar, dairy and salt sparingly. They cause you to break out more. 
My mom always told me that if your breaking out on your chin it's from too much salt, on your cheeks and nose is too much dairy and on your forehead is too much sugar. I totally believe this! 

Fav Facial Moisturizers that were the most popular mentions by followers: 1. AmorePacific- Smells so good & leaves that glow & dewiness on your skin. 
2. Bio Oil- what most celebs use bc it mosturizes while it heals imperfections or scars. 
3. Hope in a Jar-listed for its smell & SPF to hydrate & protect all day.
4. Cerave-Most popular drugstore moisturizer mentioned & is said to heal while it nourishes the skin.

 ***If yours was one of them on here or you mentioned & tagged a fav lotion, please list in the comments below. I lost most listings with all the entires so don't forget to #brittsfavthings so it won't be lost in my newsfeed. Please list your other favorite facial moisturizers if you love the one you use & haven't told us already! I've never worn face lotion until last night so thanks to you girls, I now know the importance it makes on my skin! #facialmoisturizers #moisturizers 

Women are looking younger and younger latey.. What is the secret? Here are some fav corrector treatments and coverups from followers: 
1. GlamGlow- exfoliating mud mask used weekly to give you that dewy skin that glows
2. Facial Radiance Pads- removes dark spots. A sephora rep says to cut them in half to get more use out of them. 
3. Janmarin- serum to remove fine lines and wrinkles
4. Kate Somerville- exfoliated that works on removing age spots and brightening up the skin
5. Dermilogica- gentle exfoliater rec by many master aesticians
6. Clinique- skin tone corrector to cover up stubborn dark spots to create an even skin tone. What are your Favorite Facial Correctors that you can't live without? 
Let us know in the comments below! 

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