Saturday, October 26, 2013

I am huge into birthdays. I can't help myself, I just love them. It's such a fun way to show that person how much you care and love them.. So when it's your boyfriend or husband.. It needs to be pretty spectacular! 

Like most men, my husband is a simple guy. Doesn't need much and is so happy and easy to please. But can I just sing happy birthday and give him the typical store bought cake and that's it?! Of course not. It's gotta be fun. It's gotta keep him on his toes! I think I intentionally go all out bc he's a guy and has never thought of birthdays as a big deal.. So in a way, he kinda eggs me on. He used to never be one for surprises but now, I know he likes them. What's better than a birthday surprise when you know someone put thought into and thought about YOU the entire time. 

Here are some ideas I've done for my hubby in the last 5 years we have been together. Hope these help, especially if you have your mans birthday coming up.

Without getting to personal, here are the highlights I have planned for his birthdays in the past 5 years. But before I get started you must know that I am a girl who likes to do fun activites on birthdays and save big presents for things like Christmas. If your looking for good present ideas to open, this is not the place to find that. This is strictly little things that make birthdays way more fun! 

- Our first birthday married, he turned 23. He had a Sunday birthday so the night before I told him to jump in the car and half way to our destination I told him to open the present I had brought. He opened a blue shirt with a lion on it and finally guessed his clue once we pulled up to Energy Solutions in SLC for a Jazz Game. He loves basketball and this was something cheap that I knew he would love and remember since he had never been. 
The next day was Sunday and so I had out closest friends invite us to the park to hangout after church. Meanwhile I had my closest group of girlfriends decorate my house and get all the guests there and ready. I text her on my way home and told her we were almost there. Parker opened the locked door and everyone jumped out! It was the funnest surprise party ever bc it was totally unexpected! We played zip bong, phyciatrist and sang happy birthday to him and ate cake and icecream. 
Ps it's exhausting sneaking around and lying to your man about what ur doing and getting phone numbers of his friends so do this ahead of time so it's not super obvious. 

Crown: Burger King spray painted green and written on with marker! 


The next birthday, the big 2-4 was just as fun. I had hygiene school all day so I wanted to make sure he was still having a fun day. I took him on a 2 hour scavenger hunt which led him to lunch with a friend, a motorcycle Harley ride and a cupcake place we love. 
I came home from hygiene school and decorated the house and made his favorite meal, cake and got him a few things he wanted like bball shorts and some nice shirts. He walked in to a fun surprise that wasn't expected just us two. 
His last present was tickets to see Thriller which was playing the night of his birthday. He was stoked bc neither of us had ever been before. We went with out closest couple and really enjoyed it. The ambiance was great and perfect for a birthday night out. Afterwards we grabbed hot chocolate and climbed a water tower and talked about next years goals and maybe shared a kiss on top of the tall tower! Dont judge, we love a spontaneous adventure. 


-the next birthday was his 25th and we were pregnant that year and hadn't told anyone yet. We went out to dinner with my family and all gave Parker presents after dinner. The last present was to my parents that Parker gave which was a picture framed that announced our babies arrival!
 Everyone was shocked and was so so happy for us. I made Parker a fun hat that said 'I'm half of 50 and still lookin nifty!'
 I had close friends surprise him at my parents house with cake and icecream and we had a blast just hanging out and catching up! He thought his birthday was over until he opened the garage and saw a note and a string attached to the door. I can't remember the exact poems but it pretty much said, your birthday isn't over yet and there was green colored yarn that he had to hold onto from the garage door that led him to the kitchen which led him to up the stairs, down the hall way, down the stairs, under tables.. You get the idea. The yarn was all over the house and if he let go, he would most likely have to start all over. Along the way I left little poems or pictures of hints to what the present was. Only this was just a ploy to throw him off. I remember one was a picture of a lake and then another was a poem about friends etc. I had to throw this guy off bc he's good :) he kept holding on to the yard until it led him to our upstairs bathroom cupboard. It ended there so he opened the cupboard and there was the iPad! He had been wanting this forever now and I finally got it for him and boy was he a happy boy bc he genuinely thought his birthday was over and so were his dreams of getting an iPad. Until I blew his mind and surprised him. The end. :) 

Green string slightly pictured---

That year was crazy bc the next day we threw a Halloween party at my house so this birthday was small but still had little fun details to make the day special. 


His 26th birthday was super fun! After dinner with my family and friends up in draper, we sang and opened presents and he thought his bday was over as we were all saying goodbye in the parking lot. Until I told him to kiss our sweet one year old, Londyn goodbye. He was confused and so we said goodbye and I blindfolded him and stuck him in the car and started doing figure 8s all over the place to throw him off. I didn't want him to know at all where we were going. I had my parents watch our little girl and so the night was ours! That was one of the highlights bc he knew he had somehing fun in store. Long story short, I made him a cd of songs that were a hint as to what we were doing. They seem obvious now but he had no clue bc I didn't draw any attention to it, just played the cd in the car. 'Im like a bird' Nelly Fertado 'Fly' Dixie Chicks etc.. 
We finally got to our destination and I walked him out if the car, still with his blindfold on and took it off and made him look up. He was blown away when he saw that we were going to ifly in Ogden, which is an indoor skydiving simulater which makes it feel like your skydiving. I went when I was 18 and Parker had been telling me since we met that es always wanted to do it. So this I thought would def warm him up to the idea for when he really did it. Plus that year it was way to cold and real skydiving was closed for the year (his bday is in October) 
We had the funnest time putting on our gear and jumping in the gravity free wind tunnel! He loved it and I knew I would take him real skydiving soon. 


For Parker's 27 bday, we had two little girls now and my family had moved so I knew I was limited as far as help went. I wasn't sure if Parker liked my surprises and to be honest was kind of feeling insecure as to if he wanted to chose what he wanted to do, since I always planned it for him. He told me he wanted to eat out and hang with me so I acted like we were gonna be low key and then incorporated the things he wanted to do into a fun day. I left and he found a note on the piano that told him to open gift one ( which was a funny hint to lead him to the closet) gift one was a new causal shirt to wear. That told him to go to the toilet, which had gift 2 which was a not telling him to go to the garage. On our scooter was a gift that had an address to go to and be there at a certain time. He went to the listed address which was out fav smoothie place and the worker gave him his fav smoothie and another gift. Inside that gift was another note that said go to this address which was our fav cookie place. The workers gave him his fav yummy cookies and another gift. That gift told him not to be late and that I would be waiting for him at the next location. He went to the address and it was a gift for a one hour couples massage at the best massage place in all of Utah, Sage Leaf Spa. We had the most relaxing time talking and enjoying our first time couples massage together. After that, I gave him a present with a puzzle peice he had to put together. 

He spelt out the bar of the restaurant we were going to eat at and I told him on the way that our close friends were going to join us. He was stoked and love the scavenger hunt. We ate dinner and went back to our place and had friends come over to celebrate him and eat cake, icecream an other fav goodies that my husband loves. It was so much fun and easier than throwing a surprise party . (Not every birthday can be a surprise) :) 
** when planning a scavenger hunt, it's tricky bc u have to go to all the places in advance but that day so that u are talking to the same workers that will be there when your man arrives.** 
So after the party was done and we were getting ready for bed. I told him a present was waiting under his pillow. He opened it and it was two tickets to see ELTON JOHN IN LAS VEGAS (parker plays the piano by ear and so he loves Elton's piano talent..who doesn't?!)
The best part was.. We were leaving the next morning!!!! He was so excited and said it was the best present ever! Def a blast and worth all the sneaking around and planning! Ha.. And he thought his birthday was over after the party :) 


And last but not least, his 28 birthday I wanted to take him skydiving! But before all of that, at 3 am I woke up sneakily and decorated our house. My mom always tpd our rooms when we were little and I always loved that. So I tped our bed. Tpd the hallway and hung a birthday banner wrapped a few presents and hung sticky notes all over our house about the 28 plus things I loved about him. He woke up early to go to the gym but was late goin bc he loved reading all my post it's. I know this started his day off special! He came home from the gym and I made him a special breakfast, our tradition and gave him a birthday card. He opened it and it told him to open present 1. Inside present one was a coupon for a 1 hour massage at 10 am (ru seeing a trend here) so he quickly left while I finished last minute things. I asked his BFF if he would take him to lunch afterwards so the masseuse gave him a note that said go to in n out at 11:30. His friend met him there and had lunch and then gave Parker a note that said be home by 12:45 and don't be late. Parker came home and was so happy about how his morning already was! Then there was a sudden knock on the door! It was my sister with a birthday cake and a sparkler. (See prev posts about this detail) we sang happy birthday to him and then tiff told us to leave. Parker was confused and then I told him to put on cowboy boots and bring a towel and get In the car. (Again this was a total ploy) Bahaha and he fell for it!) 
we drove to SLC and then made him out the blindfold on. We kept driving until we reached our destination and I had him take off the blindfold and look up. He immediately saw skydivers jumping out of their plane and started freaking out with joy! He was so excited! He finally was doing what he had wanted to do for so long and could t wait to make the jump! 

Afterwards, we ate at a new sushi place that we both loved with amazing ambiance and then went to a really cool park by my house and enjoyed being outside and together alone. The night was perfect. We got home and relieved my sister from our kids, went and got his fav fro yo and opened up simple presents later that night. Simple and sweet and his said that was his fav birthday ever . How am I going to top that?! Haha

Here are some bullet points of some fun things to do for your man on his birthday. 

- tp his side of the bed
- post it's about what you love about him 
- make a shutterfly book of what his friends, family, teachers, co workers love about him
- send him on a scavenger hunt of all his fav places. Places to eat, dessert, fav drink, fav sport, fav store.. You get the idea. Think of him. The end can be friends surprising him at a fun place like paintballing, lazer tag or a restaurant
- string of yarn around the house that lead him a to a big unexpected gift 
-add things inside a balloon of things you love about him or funny memories you share together. He has to pop the balloons to read them
- think of a fun activity to do together (this depends on what season your mans bday is. My hubby's is in the fall so I can't do fun things like four wheeling, boating etc. 
- be sneaky sometimes. It's ok to throw them off a little. Birthdays should have one surprise at least! Make it fun and special. 
-blindfold him and take him anywhere! 
- top a birthday cake or his fav treat with a sparkler! This is way better than a candle. I also like cake toppers bc they are super easy and little details make all the difference.
- make a fun obnoxious hat he has to wear to dinner or to his party. Parker is a good sport like this so this isn't a problem. Even if they just wear it for a little bit :) 
-get family and friends to help you celebrate his day by taking them to dinner, golfing, to a game etc. 
-Harley rides, trip somewhere, massage, tickets to a show, concert or game somewhere, a day trip, surprise party, something outdoors or in the canyon, bring him a small little something at work to make his day! 

Don't forget their half birthday! My mom started this off when Parker came to meet my family. It was April 26 (the day we also happened to get engaged) and my mom made Parker 1/2 a birthday cake and got him a shirt from Sacramento where I am from. He totally loved it and the small 1/2 attention that he got and was so shocked that people actually celebrate 1/2 birthdays.. Haha we r that into birthdays! Here's one time I threw him a 1/2 birthday while we were traveling at the time. 

So many more ideas that I will post soon. I already have his next birthday planned and I can't wait! I can't give all his birthday secrets away-Don't want him finding out what's up my sleeve for the years to come! What do you do for your mans birthday to make him feel loved and super special! Id love to hear ideas! Xxoo 

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