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Clean Eating is the very best way to drop the weight that you are seeming to not get rid of. It has very little to do with cardio and much more to so with eating healthy unproccessed foods and increasing your muscle mass to speed up your metabolism.

As scary as this is for me to share, I've had so many questions on it. I want everyone to know about clean eating. I'm no expert whatsoever but this new lifestyle change has changed my life mentally and physically. Weight has always been a sensitive topic for me and  I feel so vulnerable sharing it with all of you but I want you all to know what I learned so that we can all inspire and help each other...

I used to have the mentality that I think most women like me do.. 'Carbs are bad and will make me fat', 'I need to eat as little as I can to lose weight', 'The only way to burn calories the fastest way is to run my fat butt on the treadmill for hours'.

If you have said this thought in the past and aren't seeing any results or keep yo yoing back and forth with your weight, then this may help you. Keep reading...

Last year after I had my second child, I mentally got sick of being fat and pregnant. (10 months of being prego was the perfect motivation I needed) I decided to change my mindset and kill myself with cardio until I lost all the baby weight and hoped to get it off in a matter of weeks and dieting hardcore. It wasn't until me and my hubby got a personal trainer, that I learned so much about food and weights that changed my mentality on the way I thought losing weight was supposed to be- hard, boring, long, useless.

My trainer put me on a meal plan where I ate 6-7 times a day!!! I was stunned and shocked and told him no way in heck am I going to eat that much! I will gain even more weight! No way! Then he told me to look at the list of foods. They were all portioned into healthy small meals and snacks throughout the day. He challenged me not to look at the scale for one month and to trust him with everything he instructed as far as lifting heavier weights and incorporating more high intensity interval training. (Work hard for an amount of time, rest for amount of time. Repeat) He was so confident that I did what he told me, I let go of what I thought.What did I have to lose? Weight? Haha 

During this month process, I learned that the scale is just a number. I no longer woke up weighing myself and basing my inner worth on the stupid scale. As I let that go, I focused on the journey, on growing stronger, on getting fit and healthy. This was the biggest piece of it all. It actually started to become fun, I looked forward to working out and eating clean and in return, without even noticing- the weight came off.. and fast. It was like it was just melting off, as silly as that sounds. It was almost as though my body was craving this new 'diet' & physical hard work. Only this time it wasn't going to come back on.

One month later I was stronger and fitting into my jeans pre baby weight. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I was even more motivated to keep going and become even slimmer and more fit. 

I saw a picture of two girls, same in hieght and weight and both beautiful. One girl was fit and toned and the other was skinny with some love handles.. Both the same weight. Which would you rather be?

I decided in that moment after seeing that picture that this was going to be a lifestyle change. I didn't care about the scale anymore. 

I still felt like I had far to go. I made new goals and threw out all the temptation that was in my pantry and fridge. My hubby was on board too which helped a ton. (Who wants to cook two different meals and watch your hubby eat it?!) Not me. 

Although I loved our trainer, it was far away and we no longer had family to help watch our two young girls. We found a place right by our house that offered personal training but with more people in the class and early in the morning so I could go while my kids were asleep, LYCEUM/ TRX. 

TRX is a HIIT excersize program where everyday is different. It is a one hour class taught by an instructor that focuses on becoming stronger, getting leaner, building muscle and promoting being fit and becoming your very best self. It was addicting to go to. I loved the way I felt as I saw myself progressing and doing things that only the 'stronger' girls were doing. It was so much fun! I'm now a lifer!
I continued to eat the way my prev trainer had taught me and continued seeing results. I cared more about my body fat percentage and measuring my inches than what the number said on the scale. I'd rather be heavier with more muscle than lighter and gushy. I knew that I would weigh more bc I was adding muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. I noticed that the more muscle I had, the smaller my inches were and better my clothes started to fit me. 

Here are some of the excersizes..
For details on these visit @lyceumtraining
Now it has been an entire year of clean eating and incorporating lifting weights. The proudest thing I am of myself is my new mindset. What once was only focused on being a certain weight and thinking certain foods were bad.. Is now a new healthy way of thinking. I'm more focused on the journey and balance and
having fun doing it, pushing myself to my full potential. I don't care about being skinny.. I care about being fit, healthy & strong. It was the mindset that helped me become more active. I ran two races this summer and loved them. My mind was strong. 

Now I just run for fun with my friends. I don't do it anymore just to lose weight. Best news ever. Ladies.. Adding muscle won't make you bulky like I always used to think. I promise! The heavier I lift, the leaner my arms become. Do your research and find out for yourself. It's changed my life. :) 
If you struggle with your weight and are looking into clean eating.. Here is a grocery list that helped me when starting this new journey. Clean eating is different for everyone so just do what works for u. If you can't do it all then just start slow and do one meal clean and work your way up to all day everyday. (I allow my self a cheat every once in a while) Balance is key. Don't get weirdly obsessed. :)
Things to remember.. 
-It takes 6 weeks for you to notice and 12 weeks for others to notice a change
-Eat smaller portioned clean meals every 2-3 hours to keep u from being hungry or thinking that your body is starving itself. This helps maintain and speed up a ealthier metabolism. 
-I've been lifting heavier and running very limited. I now just run for fun with friends and not to lose weight. 
-Drink at least a gallon of water a day.
-You are what you eat! Don't eat junk! 

I dare you to try it! Try lifting and eating better and see if it works for u! I'm no expert, I'm just sharing what I've learned along the way. I still have a long ways to go and I want to learn so much more! hope this helps anyone interested in EATING CLEAN. It really has changed my life for the better. 

Id love to hear your story of clean eating! What works for you? 

For more fitness and clean eating motivation, follow the girls who helped inspire me. @trishallen @jazzythings @heandsheeatclean @cleansimpleeats @nickycoomer @damselwithdumbells @censkii and many many more! Who motivates you? 


Britt, did you read any books (or recommend any) to help motivate you? I want to do this but need to convince Doyle to go in on it with me or else it'll be way harder!!


You are so awesome and iI'm so proud to call u my cousin. Thanks to u I am going to try and get fit and healthy. U r so motivating. I wish we lived closer. Xo


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