Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This mess looks like me.. Makeup chaos all around me, sitting on the floor trying to find that one thing I need for my face. Am I alone here? Help share your makeup tips and ways you organize to help all is women out this week! I am excited to see everyone's ideas! Take a picture and share your great ideas. I will share them on my Instagram and blog this week! Tag @brittsfavthings with your picture and let us know how you do it! 

I love adding trays underneath small items, like this mirrored gold one. I organize my brushes by adding fake pearls in my makeup brush jar to keep them put. How do you organize your makeup? Tag @brittsfavthings with your picture! xxoo 

Every girl needs a big enough tote for all their makeup getting ready stuff! Love this black snake skin tote! 

Get this fun makeup travel bag at Forever21 only $8

Spray paint 6x2 muffin tins a fun color and put all your hair accessories in it tucked away in your bathroom or vanity drawer. #brittsfavthings 

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@brittsfavthings for makeup tips & organization this week.. plus contribute your own fabulous ideas! 

Here are some followers ideas: 

This follower purchased this on amazon for $99. Love how organized it looks

Love the spray painted coffee beans! So clever. This clear makeup storage was purchased from Target.

I love these apothecary jars for small items like lipsticks and brushes. So fancy

Love this gold mirrored tray. I saw one like this at my local boutique in Utah- Dear Lizzy

This follower loves her clear ikea storage case. Perfect for everything, nail polish, brushes and other fun makeup. 

Love the three tiered cake stand with the nail polish on it! So beautiful!

This is from target, love the drawers and the handles.

What is your favorite was to organize your makeup? Tag @brittsfavthings and show us how you do it! xxoo

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