Saturday, September 28, 2013

I absolutely love Halloween and the chance to dress up and have a fun time. I will be posting lots of fun ideas for you this Halloween in case you have NO CLUE what to be or what your family should be this Halloween. Also on Instagram, I am doing a contest where I will be sharing my followers favorites and their fun ideas. Feel free to input your own and show us your funny, pretty and down right scary costumes for a chance for me to post your picture! Can't wait to see all the good ones! 

For details on all the pictures and how they made them or on how to make this more simple and more diy friendly, follow my Instagram @brittsfavthings to see more details. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Pink Flamingo DIY:
Oversized cheap pink sweatshirt (walmart)
4 pink feather boas 
Hot glue gun
Pink felt, Velcro strap, googly eyes & stuffing 
Don't forget the pink leg warmers! This keeps your kid warm & was a huge hit! 
Bird Wing Tutorial: cut out two large pieces of fabric the length of your child's wing span from shoulder blade to wrist. Cut out scalloped sections one for each wing and cut from long until short. I glued from bottom up (I'm not the best sewer) once scalloped edges are glued on, place biased tape to connect wings together and add ribbon to the lower wings to connect wing to thumbs. Make sure to use fabric that is movable and thin. Happy Halloween! 

Here are some of my followers ideas.. More to come and more details to come of how each outfit was made once contest is over. Thanks for your patience :) Happy Halloween! 

More to come and more details to come on how ALL THESE OUTFITS WERE MADE SO stay tuned!!! XXOO

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