Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My mother in law made this for me for my birthday last year and everyone has been dying over it every time someone comes to my house. It is freakin fabulous in my opinion. I was practically hyperventilating when I got it! 

All you need is:
a circle wreath form (biggest one you can find) love this size! It's huge! No one wants a dinky small wreath on their door.
Coffee filters. This one has over 300
Hot glue gun 
Sewing staples
Floral Wire 
Yarn, I love this mustard yellow color 
Fabric for the top to tie to hook

Bend wire into whatever word you want it to say. This would be fun for holidays! 
Wrap the yarn around it until you no longer see string. 
Fold coffee filters in 4ths and glue onto wreath form until full
Pinch wire to wreath form and keep glueing filters onto wreath as well. 
The rest is just more glueing until its full and walah! 
Let me know if you need more details, this may be confusing. 

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Another pretty wreath I love is this one from hellolittlescout: 

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