Thursday, September 26, 2013

Up to about 1 1/2 years ago, I never really knew what CONCEALER was for and always thought of it as just an unnecessary extra step for my daily makeup routine. I am a simple person when it comes to makeup but once I discovered the impact that concealer makes, I will never go back! It is a must have staple before leaving the house. It brightens my under eyes and makes me look more awake. Use a couple shades lighter than your foundation & apply with your ring finger (since it's the weakest finger) & see the huge difference it makes on your face. I only use it under my eyes but here are some other areas to apply concealer. My concealer favorites & secret weapons will be posted soon! xxoo #brittsfavthings 
1. Arcona Eye Dew. I found this on amazon and love it. Under my eyes were starting to feel dry and I used this on my under eyes and I noticed a huge difference. It was like the skin wasn't dry anymore and was so hydrated . I loved the dewyness it made my face look also. 2. My favorite concealer! Revlon PhotoReady in #2. Always use a shade lighter than your foundation to really give you that brighter eye. This makes all the difference and it's a drugstore find too! I've tried them all and this one is my fav! 
3. Mac Painterly Pod is awesome too. I was always getting my mascara or eyeliner above my eye with that annoying black crease and was so sick of it. Finally I asked a Mac Pro what I could use to eliminate that and she showed me thisn I'm obsessed, it's also used as a concealer too bc of how bright it is nude the eyes. 4. This is what I have been using besides my rind finger to apply my concealer. It is the most popular brush at Mac for a reason #217 bc of how fluffy and soft it is and for the look of your concealer afterwards. 

Try these concealer must haves and let me know what u think. Follow me on IG @brittsfavthings and let me know your favorite concealer products! xxoo


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