Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I do! I'm obsessed and it doesn't look like my addiction is going away anytime soon! It's the best way for me as a busy mom to wake up and go and still feel done up even tho I didn't put any make up on (let's be real tho, I usually need leave the house like that unless its early am at the gym) haha 

Frequently Asked Questions: 
Yes I do eyelash extensions. 
Yes I have had them on for 3 years and Yes I still have healthy eyelashes underneath! 
(They only fall out when you pick at them, so don't pick and you are in the clear!)
They last usually 3-5 weeks
Yes, you can get them wet! 
Yes, you will become addicted! :) 
You can get any length you want natural or cat eye.. Both are beautiful! I go for the more dramatic look (long and full baby) 

Check my Instagram for how I make my eyelashes last longer than most people's! @brittsfavthings

I have done eyelash extensions for over 3 years now and I totally love doing them. Talking to my clients and friends is the best part but making them feel beautiful is even better! 

There are so many girls, ESP in the Utah area who I know do lashes. See my Instagram post for the girls who do them in your area! @brittsfavthings

Email to make an appt today! Xxoo

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