Friday, August 9, 2013

We wanna know what's in your purse! (Haha don't clean it now) snap a pic of the inside and show us whatcha got! 

Inside my purse: (my diaperbag is a whole different story) 

Mini water bottle (I love water!!!)
Sunnies from Nordstrom (best $10 ever spent)
Floss Glide pics
Phone charger (I learned this the hard way when my phone would die at work or out shopping) 
Coconut lotion 
Moms spit (haha no it's not what you think, it's hand sanitizer made for moms with babies- all organic and safe for mom and baby- I don't swear by it, I just love hand sanny, esp with two little messy babies
Bag of almonds (I've educated myself to never let my body go into starvation mode.. Always eat something even when ur on the go)! 
Eos Chapstick in mint
Benefit play stick in Tea Party for when I'm out and about
Stila jet black eyeliner 
Extra bracelets, I'm a jewelry girl
Grift cards
Notepad and paper
Dum dum suckers for my babes 
Lipgloss on lipgloss on lipgloss!!! 

I usually carry around a diaper bag but realized I needed a date night purse with just my things when I go out alone (which isn't too often but it's nice to have) I splurged on a Michael Kors Black & Gold Luggage Bag bc I had a great deal on it and couldn't pass it up. Its the perfect size! I'm hoping it will be a staple and that ill keep it nice forever. With two girls, here's to hoping! 

Diaper bag must haves are next! What's in your purse? 
***Enter on Instagram @brittsfavthings contest ends 8/11! Xxoo

Contest Entries:

Love hers! So chic and clean! She makes sure a comb and EOS Chapstick are in her stylish bag! Wish we could see the outside of it bc I'm so in love with the inside! 
Love her coupon organizer and baby sprits sanitizer is found at Babinskys in SLC
Sunscreen and Sweedish fish are a must for this cute mommy! 
Hairbow, fruit snacks & binky are a must for this mom of two
She swears by VS hand sanitizer, Dior Addict Lipgloss and her Versace eyewear
Love her stylish makeup bag for quick touch ups (find where she got it on my IG) @brittsfavthings
Love her cute sunnies, floss, mints and adorable purse! Wish this was all I needed 
And the Winner is.. @mindyharward for this adorable presentation of what's in her purse! How cute is this! I am a huge fan of Nordstrom sample perfume and just bought these tweezers bc of her and they are amazing! I heard that tweezing while in the car is the best way to see all those baby hairs for your eyebrows! Love all of her advice and how cute she made this! 
There were many more but these were my Favs bc of all their cute explanations for their fav things. Check out: @brittsfavthings on IG to read all the others and their cute comments! 
         Thanks for playing! Xxoo

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