Sunday, August 11, 2013

What's in my Diaper Bag? 
                    Must Haves:
-Costco wipes ($19 for 9 huge packs!)
-Tommy Tippy bottles (best ever!)
-Goldfish/Fruit snacks
-Nose sucker upper/ nail clippers
-doTERRA oils in small sample kit
-Juice on juice on juice
-Baby Magic Lotion (nothing's better than a fresh smelling baby)
-Suckers (little dum dums while shopping) 
-Kindle ( Baby Signing Time/ apps/ games.. The perfect car distraction for a 2 year old!)
-Formula Divider ($3 at Target) so easy when your on the go!
-Crayons & color book 
-Binky (with bling and strap of course- see my Instagram 8/12-8/31 for coupon code on these adorable binkys with some bling! 

Ok cute Moms, 
           What's in your Diaper Bag???

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