Friday, August 23, 2013

Enter on Instagram and show us your favorite items from one of my favorite stores! Who loves this place as much as me? haha 
Below are a list of my personal favorites and other followers favorites as well.. Stay tuned! 

More of my favs @brittsfavthings:
This amazing white faux fur pillow is the best way to mix masculine and feminine in your home. These are at Target for about $20 and I'm obsessed with them! I have endless amounts of pillows on my bed.. My husband secretly loves them. Haha I love these on my couch to add a little fun and style to our sofa. 

This cute bucket and ampersand sign were green and now that my house is more neutral, I simply spray painted them off white and love them! Great for my doggies treats! 
This bronzer is hands down my fav thing at Target. Like, I go there just for this bronzer sometimes bc it's the only place to get it. It toyally compares to other name brand bronzers like Nars: Orgasm. It is the perfect color, not orange at all and screams sexy summer glow.. And oh, did I mention its only $3?! Ya.Love. 
Tommee Tippee baby bottles are thee best bottle around.. Period. I've tried them all. I love the sizes and how cute they are as sell. From a mom who never breast fed, I love these bottles and swear that bc of them, my babies didn't have colic and slept good at night since day one. Research them. They are amazing. Wait til you see a coupon on these though bc they can be pretty pricey. I think 1 bottle is $10. 
These baskets are clean looking and I love how you can write on the chalkboard with cute chalk to organize your things: books, blankets, toys or even fancy pillows! These are only found at Target and come in many sizes! Thanks mom for the pic ;)
Tiki torches perfect for any outdoor summer night party, which I am doing soon this week. Since summer is coming to a close, these babies were on clearance for only $5.99! I got 6 of them! 
Now sold at Target, this powdered pb is so yummy and tastes just like the reg but with 85% less fat calories! In one serving you save 160 cals and 14.6 grams of fat' sold! I love pb so this is awesome. Add the powder to protien shakes or mix with water add eat with apples or put on a rice cake! So yummy! Check it out! 

More to come once the contest is over.. Stay tuned for my followers favorites as well.. Maybe your fav thing from Target will be featured. Stay tuned.. ill be postinf more favs on the blog and insta soon once i post. Follow @brittsfavthings for more good fav finds from Tarjay ;)


Other followers favorites: 

The dollar section.. Duh! Perfect for the holidays.. U can always find fun trinkets! 
This follower says this target tank is the exact replica of lulu lemons workout tank only more than half the price! Follow her for more details!

Still need to try these $10 boyfriend tees everyone has been talkin about! She has one in every color! :) they must be good! 
Love this lamp shade! It looks pop up and is so pretty for any room. Found this same lamp shade in light grey bc of her and I love it! 
Target always has a great deal on movies
I am usually a huggies snob so when this follower said to try the target brand diapers I was a little weary.. But I tried them and I love them! Holds a lot, no sagging bums and they are much cuter! Will buy again! 
Nutella sticks? Those exist! Score! (Dollar section)
Don't forget about Targets food mart. Get popcorn or a cookie for the kids while shopping.. Or for yourself :)
You can always find hip clothes at Target too! Love these little girls.
False lashes and my fav elf products! 
These candles are also sold at Anthropology only way cheaper at Target. Sweet Sangria is this girls fav! 

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