Monday, August 5, 2013

doTERRA is one of my favorite things for so many reasons. There are so many products & uses I love.
 Heather, a rep from doTERRA, is offering an amazing 15% off for the Introductory Starter Kit which includes: Lemon, Peppermint & Lavender essential oils. (My top 3 favs!) 

Lemon- I put in my water or down my sink when it's smelling a little funky. 

Peppermint- I use on my babies when they are teething or in my diffuser when my family is sick with the cold. 

Lavender- I put on all my linens and on my babies feet to help them sleep more soundly. It even soothes bug bites (helpful in the summer time)

This is a killer deal, esp if you've never tried doTERRA before!!! Text @brittsfavthings to Heather: 801.946.1696 to get your Intro Starter Kit for 15% off (only $20.99!!!)
*** Plus, when you order she will include a free sample of my absolute favorite product- the Deep Blue Rub (great for sore muscles) Sale ends this Thursday, 8/8 so don't miss out on this offer! Xxoo

Check out my instagram: @brittsfavthings to see what my other followers mentioned about their fav uses for these oils! 

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