Sunday, August 4, 2013

Coconut Chocolate Almonds!!!

Thank you Shelly Sharp for showing me these amazing treats! These dang things are quite addicting, once you start-good luck stopping! 

This is about $9 for this bag and worth every penny! A member at Costco said that these were just a tested sample item at Costco but bc of all the rave reviews, it is now a Costco staple!!! Yum! 

Congrats to my giveaway winner Sload Hadfield for posting your fav thing- Costco Pretzels! They are so yummy and I would've never found them without your post! Here comes your very own bag of chocolate covered almonds and a $10 gift card to Costco! Thanks for participating! 

Here we're the other many Favorite Things Posted: (if u want your post removed just ask and I will take it off for privacy reasons)

2 posts on this plain Fage Yogurt so u know it must be good! (A cleaner option is to use Plain yogurt to substitute for sour cream as well!) 

Can't find 'it's a 10' at my Costco.. Can anyone find this at theirs?

Just tried this chicken and it is the best $4.00 ever spent on chicken! So juicy!

2 posts on this jalepeno yogurt dip as well so I'm excited to try this! The girls say use it on sandwiches or veggies! 
Loved reading all of these! And thank you Costco for my hard earned money going right into your store each week haha

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